Working to encourage and build a healthier Canning community, the City of Canning is in the early stages of developing a Community Public Health Plan.

The City of Canning has prepared a DRAFT Public Health Plan 2019-2023 - Our Healthy & Resilient Canning, for Public Comment.  The draft plan identifies the priority public health focus areas within the City of Canning. The purpose of the plan is to lead the protection, improvement and promotion of public health outcomes for our community. Public Health Planning aims to bring a preventative approach to health to both State and Local Government.

The City of Canning Health and Wellbeing profile 2016 prepared by South Metropolitan Public Health Unit also provides useful information to enable effective planning for the health and wellbeing of the local community. Much of the information in the Canning profile is provided by the Epidemiology Branch of the Department of Health WA sourced from a variety of databases.

The City of Canning is currently liaising with the South Metropolitan Public Health Unit of the Department of Health WA to produce an updated health and wellbeing profile for the City of Canning with the most current information from the databases. The City’s plan will also be aligned with the State Public Health Plan for WA. The State Interim Public Health Plan was released in August 2017 and can be viewed here.

(External link)The consultation period for the Draft Public Health Plan has now concluded as at 15 April 2019. 

All feedback will be considered in forming the final version of the plan. If you require any further information please contact the City’s Environmental Health Services on 1300 422 664.