Mosquito-Management-Plan-2021 Current Warnings or Advice Be prepared! With the onset of Spring comes warmer temperatures, and the left over rainwater from winter can become a breeding ground for mozzies! Check gutters aren’t holding water; pot plants; items around the yard that might hold water; empty bird baths regularly; check that fly screens are intact; Cover up by wearing long sleeve shirts and long pants that are loose fitting when recreating around the river at dawn and dusk.

Reporting increased activity

We’d appreciate if you would notify the City of by email of any contact you may have with mosquitoes around the home or when out and about in Canning. Particularly, when they are in high numbers or when detected around the river. Please submit an online mosquitos on public land request with a description of location, time, date and description.

Mosquito management VIDEO!!

The City received grant funding from the Department of Health, through the FIMMWA Program in 2016/17 and was able to complete a new video for residents, which describes the City’s program!

The City of Canning would like to acknowledge and thank Crib Creative and the City of Greater Geelong in the making of this video.

The City’s Mosquito Management Plan

The City’s Mosquito Management Plan provides for ongoing inspections and treatment of mosquito larvae in known breeding areas around the Canning River Regional Park; Regular mosquito trapping to identify and track adult mosquito numbers; Monitoring of tides, storm surge data and cyclonic activity over summer which can result in high tides causing hatching of dormant eggs; Ongoing community education and updates via the City’s website and monitoring and treatment of stormwater drains around the river.

Annual Report on Mosquito Management Activities

The annual reports provide a snapshot of the City’s performance in delivering the objectives of the City’s Mosquito Management Plan, including reporting on complaints, adult trapping, larvicide usage and grant funding received.
Annual Report City of Canning Mosquito Management Program - 21/22

Contiguous Local Authority Group (CLAG)

The City has joined forces with the City of Melville, City of South Perth, City of Perth, City of Nedlands and Department of Health to form a group working towards the continual improvement and management of mosquito populations around the Swan and Canning River. The group meets regularly to discuss management actions, monitoring and treatment results, and opportunities for improvement. The Department of Health contributes expert advice and assistance along with financial support for Local Government programs, in the form of 50 per cent of the cost to purchase larvacides.

What can be done around the house?

For more information on what you can do to prevent mosquito problems around the house, view our Mosquito Home Checklist or have a look at the Department of Health WA’s Fight the Bite Campaign.

For further information, please contact the City’s Environmental Health Officers by submitting an online enquiry.

Useful Links

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