Providing for the safe and efficient transport of people and goods, roads within cities create community links between families and friends, businesses and recreation.

The City of Canning is responsible for the management and maintenance of 600 kilometres of roads and links within the municipality.

To make sure its residents get from A to B safely, the City allocates funds annually for the maintenance and upgrade of these roads. The construction of traffic management measures are additionally created for the purpose of providing comfortable travel within City limits.

The City is committed to the use of Sustainable Construction Materials in the construction of new roads. The City will continue to use recycled materials in road construction as a first preference as long as material is available. The City also encourages the use of this material for road construction in new developments. For more information, please refer to Sustainable Construction Materials.

In 2014, the City of Canning commenced the development of a city wide Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS). The intention of this strategy is to identify a range of interrelated transport plans to assist the City in managing sustained urban growth and a high quality of life within the community.

Funding may also be obtained through state and federal government grants.

View the City's upcoming roadworks projects via this link

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