The City of Canning supports the State Underground Power Program which is a partnership between the State Government of Western Australia, Western Power, Horizon Power and local governments.

Involving the removal of overhead power infrastructure and the installation of new underground power and streetlights, the program works to enhance streetscape aesthetics, improve reliability and security, reduce maintenance costs and improve community safety.

Every two or three years, local governments are invited by the State Government to nominate local areas to the State Underground Power Program. These submissions are assessed by the State Government and shortlisted for further consideration. A survey of property owners is then conducted to determine the level of support for the project, with a majority required for the proposal to be considered.

The City generally receives many enquiries regarding the State Underground Power Program and how it affects property owners and residents. A State Underground Power Program FAQ document has been set up to respond to the most common questions. For FAQs specific to the Shelley West SUPP, click here

Should you have any enquiries, please take the time to read through these questions prior to contacting the City as your enquiry may already be addressed within the document.

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