In 2024, you will have two verge collections for bulk garden organics.

You can look up the date for your next bulk garden organics verge collections, as well as your waste and recycling collections by entering your address below:

What are my dates?

For more information, read the current Waste Guide (PDF 2MB), which includes the dates for the bulk garden organics verge collections in your area.

Bulk Household Waste

Bulk household waste is no longer collected through scheduled verge collections. For your bulk household waste, please book an on-demand skip service. You can book two skip services per financial year at a time that suits you.

Bulk Garden Organics

Please do not place bulk garden organics material on the verge more than seven days before your collection date.

All garden organics must be placed on the verge by 6am on the Monday of your collection date. Late piles will not be collected.

If your pile exceeds the size shown below, your additional waste can be collected for a fee. Please contact us before your collection on 1300 422 664 to arrange payment.

A diagram of green waste stacked on a lawn. The measurements are 4m wide, 1.5m deep and 1m high

Only garden organics materials that meet the following requirements will be removed:

  • less than 1.5m in length
  • less than 16kg
  • less than 150mm in diameter
  • piles no larger than the diagram above (6 cubic metres).

Please stack garden organics materials neatly on the verge with the cut ends facing the street and the leaves end facing the property (as per diagram above).

The following will not be removed:

  • lawn and weed sods
  • stumps or tree roots
  • garden materials that are contaminated with other items, such as plastic or metal
  • bags, boxes or bales of green waste
  • bulk household waste.

Verge collection conditions

  • Do not obstruct essential services like fire hydrants, telecommunications, sewer or stormwater access, electrical transformers or power domes.
  • Ensure the footpath is free to use.
  • Do not place waste items on vacant properties or land, public places, reserves or parks, including their verges. This is an offence and may incur a fine.
  • Please do not place materials on easily damaged items such as sprinklers, water meters, green domes or against fences.
  • Any waste left on the verge outside of collection dates must be removed immediately, otherwise you may receive a litter fine.

For more information, please contact us on 1300 422 664 between 8.15am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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