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Notice of Completion (BA7) or Cessation (BA8)

Notice of Completion (BA7) or Cessation (BA8)

BA7 - Notice of Completion

A Notice of Completion Form BA7 must be provided to the City within seven days of the completion of building or demolition works.

BA8 - Notice of Cessation

It is the responsibility of the person named as the builder or demolition contractor on a Building or Demolition Permit to provide the Form BA8 once they cease being responsible for the building or demolition works which have not yet been completed.

This protects the person whose contract is terminated or who is unable to complete the building or demolition work.

You can lodge a new application online using the My Canning portal.

  1. Log in to My Canning.
  2. Select Enquiries.
  3. In the search bar search for BA7 or BA8.
  4. Click the Start button for the enquiry to begin the online application submission process.
  1. Log in to My Canning.
  2. Select My Lodged Applications.

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