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Request a street tree

The City of Canning encourages residents to support the Urban Forest Strategy by offering street trees for your verge. 

We provide a variety of trees, including local species to improve amenity to our community and support native fauna.

We plant trees in autumn and winter and provide summer watering for the first two years. You can help by giving your new tree extra water, just a bucket or two per week. This makes a significant difference, especially in hot, dry weather.

Please note:

  • The City accepts tree planting requests only from property owners for trees adjacent to their property. Tenants should contact the property agent or owner for verge tree applications.
  • We may make species substitutions based on expert knowledge.

The City’s Request a street tree program is currently closed and will reopen in October.

Register your email here to be notified when this will reopen.

To apply, complete our request form. Your request will go to our City Greening Team for review and suitable tree species assignment.

Our 2024 tree species are:

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