Language is an important part of any culture. Noongar is the official language of the Aboriginal people of the south-west of Western Australia.

Why don’t you give learning Noongar a go?

Hello my name is  - Kaya, nguny kwell


How are you today - nartj noonar yeye


I am happy to stand tall in the City of Canning
- Nguny djurapin yaakin yirra Djarlgarro Beelier

Let’s walk together on country -
nguny djen koorliny boodjar


See you later - genuny noonar boorda

Audio spoken by Ingrid Cumming.

Learn more

If you want to learn more in depth Noongar, the City has developed a Noongar Culture and Language program at Hillview Intercultural Community Centre in Bentley. The program contains monthly workshops that are free and open to the whole community. Visit the City's event page. Also check out this resource Noongar Language.

Did you know that the City's Libraries has an extensive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Collection? Click here to learn more about the beautiful and inspiring stories available to borrow and reserve across all four of our locations, that celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
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