A strong and diverse economy.

The City of Canning contributes approximately $11.2 billion to the Gross State Product, providing over 77,000 full time jobs (Economy.id, 2021). With the most economically diverse local economy in Western Australia and forecasted growth in population, employment, businesses and gross regional product; Canning's economy is set to continue as one of the highest performing local economies in Western Australia.

Approximately two-thirds of the City's economic activity stems from Canning Vale and Welshpool, two of Perth's premier industrial areas. Proximate to key freight routes and equipped with adequate infrastructure, these industrial areas remain as highly sought after locations for businesses to locate. 

The City of Canning is also home to Westfield Carousel - WA's largest shopping centre located within the Canning City Centre. Smaller shopping precincts are scattered amongst the suburbs of Canning, contributing to a vibrant and thriving City.

Statistics on the City of Canning

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