The City contributes $10.12 billion to the Gross State Product, providing over 64,000 full time jobs.  Forecasted growth in population, employment, businesses and gross regional product will continue to place the City of Canning as one of the highest performing local governments in Western Australia.

Located in Perth’s south eastern suburbs and only 10 kilometres from the Perth CBD, development of industrial areas in Welshpool and Canning Vale attracted investment in the late 1960s. Since then, both areas have grown and evolved as two of Perth's premier Industrial areas. Five industry sectors dominate these two industrial hubs - Manufacturing, Transport Postal & Warehousing, Construction, Wholesale Trade and Mining. Collectively they contribute to almost 70% of the City’s gross output of over $21 billion, providing more than 50% of the City's 64,000 full time jobs.

Canning is also home to Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre - one of Perth's largest retail outlets, that is set to complete its expansion in Q3 2018. Canning is a rapidly changing City reflecting the constantly evolving needs of a diverse multicultural community. For more information on the City's current projects, click here.

To view the City of Canning's Economic Profile click here

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A business-friendly environment is central to our Strategic Community Plan and core to our vision of being a welcoming and thriving City. Let us know what information or services you are seeking by calling us during working hours on 1300 422 664 or email

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