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The Canning Local History Library represents the history of the Canning region, including its first peoples, colonial settlement, migration to the region and contemporary times.

The Canning Local History Library holds numerous materials that document the heritage of the region, both current and past.

Local History Collections

Currently, the collection has:

Most of the books in our collection are held at Riverton Library and are available for loan. The remainder of the collection may be viewed on request.

The Local History Library is always seeking more local content. If you have any items which you believe are of significance in describing the past or even contemporary living, contact us on 1300 422 664 or local.history@canning.wa.gov.au

Canning Districts Historical Society

The Society is a community volunteer organisation that is based at Woodloes Homestead. They open the museum to the public on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month from March to November.

You can contact the Society via the Woodloes Homestead website or by emailing woodloescdhs@gmail.com.

Canning history resources for sale

The City retails two books relating to its past and its places:

  • Along the Canning, Fred Carden, RRP $22.
  • Canning River Stories, A. Buchannan, RRP $15.

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