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Open Data

We are providing Open Data to the public as part of our aspiration to transform Canning into a welcoming and thriving City.

What is Open Data?

Our Open Data portal is a place where the City of Canning can share the information it gathers on a day-to-day basis. This includes data on our:

  • environment
  • events
  • property
  • transport
  • assets like halls, bins and their locations
  • street furniture
  • local roads
  • drainage (stormwater) above and under ground network.

The data we share does not contain any information about individuals. Where there is a possibility of identifying individuals our data is anonymised to ensure privacy standards are met.

We aim to release our data sets under Creative Commons Attribution licenses (CC-BY), though there may be some exceptions. To learn more about Creative Commons view CC Licenses and Examples.

Why are we doing this?

Open Data makes it easier for our community to access information and can facilitate collaboration between the City and innovators, researchers and educators. From this we can develop solutions and services to enhance and benefit our community.

Providing this information supports our goal of being open and accountable and creates an environment where our community can use the data to propel and enhance their ideas.

The City would like to hear from you how the Open Data portal has helped or shaped your ideas. Please email us at opendata@canning.wa.gov.au.

Accessing the data

The City of Canning Open Data Portal is a centralised, online data repository which can be accessed by anyone in the world to access the City’s published datasets.

The portal will host a number of different datasets, which are available in different formats (e.g. CSV, KML, SHP, WFS, API, JSON, GEOJSON). The data can be loaded into a number of different applications and systems to support ideas and business use.

Check out the City's Open Data Portal.

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