Changes to Council Meetings due to COVID-19

Meeting Attendance

Agenda Briefings and Council Meetings take place generally on the second and third Tuesday of the month at 6.00pm. Please ensure that you check the City of Canning's meeting dates below to confirm the dates of each meeting.

The City of Canning will hold both Agenda Briefings and Council Meetings at its Administration Building, 1317 Albany Highway.

With the relaxing of Western Australia’s restrictions from the current public health emergency of  COVID-19, from Tuesday 9 June 2020 Agenda Briefing and Council Meetings will resume in person, with the following changes:

  • Social distancing measures will be in place. 
  • Members of the public who wish to attend in person, must register, as only a limited number of the public can be admitted.
  • Bookings can only be made for the forthcoming Agenda Briefing or Council Meeting. Bookings will only be opened when the City has published the  papers for its Agenda Briefing or Council Meeting. 

To request to attend a Meeting, email with your name, contact email address and telephone number.

Council Meeting Dates 2020

Ordinary Council Meetings will continue to be held on the third Tuesday of each month and Agenda Briefings on the second Tuesday of each month.

Agenda Briefings

Second Tuesday of the month

Ordinary Council Meetings

Third Tuesday of the month

2020 2020
11 February 18 February
10 March 17 March
14 April 21 April
12 May 19 May
9 June 16 June
14 July 21 July
11 August 18 August
8 September 15 September
13 October 20 October
10 November 17 November
1 December 8 December

Agenda papers for the Agenda Briefing are published on the Tuesday of the week prior to the advertised date of the Agenda Briefing.
Ordinary Council Meeting papers are published on the Friday before the meeting date.

Public Question Time

Due to the current public health emergency of COVID-19 and the social distancing rules, members of the public may submit questions in advance of the meeting. Members of the public who submit questions online or via email do not need to attend the meeting.
Public question time is conducted in accordance with Clause 4.5 of the City of Canning Standing Orders Local Law 2015 and Council Policy AD.02 Question time at Council Meeting. In brief:

  • Questions must be brief and concise.
  • Questions for the Agenda Briefing must relate to one of the reports being presented.
  • Questions for the Council meeting must relate to the ordinary business of the City of Canning/function of the Council.

Please submit your public questions no later than midday on the day of the Agenda Briefing or Council Meeting.
Public questions can be submitted by:

At the meetings please note: 
  • No debate or discussion will be permitted on any question or answer.
  • Questions must be asked directly to the Presiding Member at the meeting, who at their discretion may:
    • Accept or reject the question 
    • Request a member of the public to re-phrase their statement in the form of a question 
    • Nominate a Member of the Council and/or an Officer to answer the question. 
  • A question may be 'taken on notice' for later response. 
  • A summary of each question and response will be recorded in the minutes.


​A petition can be lodged in the Mailbox at the City’s Administration Building. Upon ensuring it meets the guidelines, the petition will then be presented at the next available Ordinary Council Meeting.  Further information relating to Petitions is available here.


What is a Deputation?

A deputation is an opportunity to address Council on any item that is the responsibility of the City of Canning or relating to an item on a Council meeting agenda. An owner, applicant or any member of the public with an interest in the item can make a deputation at an Ordinary Council Meeting.

Register your request to present a Deputation by completing a Deputation Form by 5pm on the Monday, immediately prior to the Council Meeting.
Completed Deputation Forms can be: 
  • Emailed to marked Ordinary Council Meeting – Deputation or 
  • Lodged at the City’s Administration Building.
Your deputation, if approved, will be granted a maximum of 10 minutes.

Due to the current public health emergency of COVID-19, and social distancing rules, deputations approved in advance of the Meeting can be read out at the Council Meeting by the Mayor. As such you do not need to attend

To attend a Council Meeting in person please follow the procedures outlined at Changes to Meeting Attendance.

Standing Orders

You will find information on the following within the City of Canning Standing Orders.

  • Deputations
  • Public questions
  • Petitions
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