Residents of the City of Canning can present a petition for the consideration of Council.

If you feel strongly on an issue, you can present a petition to the City of Canning’s Council. Petitions must comply with the City's Standing Orders Local Law and meet the following guidelines:

  • Petitions are to be submitted on the petition form
  • Petitions must be the original document and should be delivered in an envelope addressed to the Mayor. Copies will not be accepted.
  • Made by electors of the district and contain the name, address and signature of each elector.
  • State the request on each page of the petition.
  • Contain a summary of the reasons for the request, and
  • State the name and address of the person to whom notice to the petitioners can be given.

Getting a petition presented

A petition can only be presented to Council by a Councillor or the Chief Executive Officer. In the Order of Business on the Agenda, the Councillor or the Chief Executive Officer presenting the petition will read out the name and address of the initiator of the petition, a summary of the reasons for the petition along with the number of signatures contained within the petition.

At the time of presentation, no discussion on the subject matter of a petition takes place, although a Councillor may move one of the following motions:

  • That the petition be received
  • That the petition be rejected
  • That the petition be received and a report prepared for Council
  • That the petition be received and referred to the Chief Executive Officer for action.

What happens after a Petition has been presented?

Dependent upon the resolution of Council, following the meeting at which the petition is presented, a staff member will advise the initiator what action Council have resolved in dealing with the petition.

Even though petitions may seem to produce no immediate or obvious result, they inform Council, in a public way, of the views of sections of the community and they serve as one means of placing community concerns before Council.

For further information on how to submit a petition or the processes involved, please contact Governance Support Team on 1300 422 664 or send us an email.