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Light Display Walk

As part of the Canning City Centre regeneration program, the City engaged Darryl Bellotti to customise a narrative surrounding the Canning River.

While you take a journey from Westfield Carousel to the Cannington train station or vice versa, follow the filigree lighting narrative by scanning the QR codes along the path.

Learn more about the history surrounding the Canning River while taking in the surrounds of the stunning displays of the filigree lighting. Plus, marvel at the displays as you take an evening stroll, the customised lighting display comes to life.


Panel 1: Tiger Snake – Keep an eye out for because they are most commonly found around water sources and Djarlgarro Bilya.

Panel 2: Bream – A staple for Nyoongar when the seasons become hotter and it is time to head closer to the water.

Panel 3: Yonga – Like so many Aboriginal cultures, kangaroo is essential to Nyoongar people for food, skins and for tools and weapons.

Panel 4: Gum Tree – Weapons, shelter, tools and fire wood. Sap for medicine and mosquito bites. Gum trees have many uses.

Panel 5: Moort – Sitting around the campfire, learning about the dreaming and spirits of the country, and the stories of Djarlgarro Bilya.

Panel 6: Kaarla – The season of Birak signals the time for burning. Nyoongar burn the landscape in mosaic patches to encourage new plant growth for animals, which improves hunting success. It is central to the artwork, signifying ongoing change and renewal.

Panel 7: Yakkan – Freshwater turtles are another staple food source for Nyoongar people and are common throughout much of the region.

Panel 8: Karuck – Shows the red tailed black cockatoos flying above the Djarlgarro Bilya sky through the warm and cooler periods.

Panel 9: Bobtail – A common sight along the river and surrounding lands. You can find them along the many pathways around Djarlgarro Bilya.

Panel 10: Boordia – The keeper of knowledge, caretaker of the land, a Nyoongar Boordia stands and watches over his country. Caring for its Dreaming and keeping the Spirit strong.

Panel 11: Marli – Synonymous with Djarlgarro Bilya and other lakes and rivers in the south west region, Marli are a symbol of Nyoongar boodjar, and is displayed proudly as our state emblem.

Light Display Walk mural

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