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Willetton Sports Precinct

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Willetton Sports Precinct

The Burrendah Park Landscape Master Plan is a four-year transformation of the Willetton Sports Precinct in Burrendah Park.

The program of works has included the establishment of a pedestrian-friendly Community Piazza with the aim of improving access and connectivity between the Sports Precinct, Southlands Boulevarde Shopping Centre, and Willetton Senior High School.

The Master Plan included:

  • A new forecourt adjoining the new Willetton Basketball Stadium.
  • Integrated pedestrian hub, including a european street-style skate plaza - the first of its kind in the State of Western Australia.
  • New perimeter fencing for the Willetton Bowling Club’s clubhouse that integrates, secures and protects the club's all-weather green.
  • New accessible male and female toilets for the Willetton Netball and Willetton Tennis Clubs.
  • Works to improve and expand the southern car park/
  • Active laneway comprising passive elements, recreational spaces e.g. outdoor netball court and landscaped walkway (FY2023).

The Master Plan is expected to be delivered in phases. The City plans to engage the community and get feedback on the project as it develops.

The $19 million Willetton Sports Precinct and Burrendah Boulevard upgrade, which incorporates a new community plaza and street-style skate facility, is now complete and open to the public.

The City of Canning has invested almost $8 million into the four-year transformation of the sporting and recreational precinct, which now boasts an integrated skate plaza and forecourt to the Willetton Stadium, street art, murals and state-of-the-art sports lighting.

The upgraded adjacent boulevard also provides a pedestrian-friendly road environment for the sports precinct users.

A photo of Willetton Sports Precinct plaza

To mark the completion of these works, the sporting facility was officially unveiled at a formal ceremony on 26 October, providing an opportunity to showcase the revamped precinct to key project stakeholders and local sporting club representatives.

City of Canning Mayor, Patrick Hall, said the completion of the Willetton Sports Precinct firmly placed Canning on the map as a major sporting and recreational hub in the south-eastern corridor.

“The completion of the Willetton Sports Precinct upgrade is a significant milestone for the City, as we continue to create recreational spaces that enhance the wellbeing and lifestyles of our residents and visitors to Canning,” Mayor Hall said.

“The new integrated skate plaza, which is the first of its kind - not only for Canning, but Western Australia - blends passive and active spaces together and is suitable for pedestrians, skaters and scooter and BMX riders.”

“The project team has worked extremely hard on this project - they collaborated closely with local community organisations, skating and sporting groups - and liaised with landscape architects, and building and construction companies to deliver for the community,” Mayor Hall said.

“The result is something that is truly exceptional, impressive and unique, that caters to a broad spectrum of sporting enthusiasts, recreational users and pedestrians alike.”

Visual artist, Chris Nixon, applied his artistic talents to create the striking mural on Willetton Stadium, running a series of workshops with Year 6 students of Burrendah Primary School to develop their understanding of public art, and the creative thought that goes into the design.

“Growing up in the area - and playing such a big role in shaping who I am - the Willetton Sports Precinct artwork was significant to me, Mr Nixon said, “It was particularly important to me to be able to connect young people to the project and engage with the wider community.”

“The students assisted me in installing the large mural facing the oval, which was a great opportunity to share my experience, and hopefully inspire the next generation of artists from Willetton.”

Nixon also designed and coordinated the installation of artistic sculptural elements within the skate plaza as well as artwork on the pavement that forms the central spine in the piazza.

“This was such a great project to be able to connect with the community, offer a deeper level of understanding about the natural state of the site - and hopefully - a greater connection and respect for it going forward.”

A photo of Willetton Sports Precinct artwork



Expected timeframe


Community Piazza Stage 1
  • New forecourt
  • Toilets for the netball and tennis club
  • Western and southern car park works
  • Bowls club fence
  • Community engagement on skate plaza 
December 2019 – March 2020  Completed March 2020
Southern car park upgrade 
  • Building 20 new car parks 
November 2020 - October 2021 Completed August 2021
Tennis clubhouse 
  • Refurbishment works
  • Enclosure of veranda area to increase clubroom size
  • Build of new internal coaches room
December 2020 - February 2021 Completed 24 March 2021
North oval shelter improvements
  • Extension and re-roof of existing shelter
  • Build of new kitchenette, universal access toilet and storage
  • Build of disability parking
  • Build of stair connection from shelter to oval level
December 2020 - February 2021  Completed 9 April 2021
Willetton Skate Park bowl removal
  • Removal of existing skate bowl
First week of January 2021 – February 2021 Completed 7 January 2021
Temporary skate facility install
  • Temporary skate facility designed and installed in the precinct.
December 2020 - October 2021 Removed when skate plaza completed September 2021 
Burrendah Boulevard works
  • Drainage works
  • Landscaping
  • Build of new roundabouts and improved access into the Willetton Stadium
  • Expansion of southern and northern car park
First week of January 2021 – June 2021 Completed October 2021
Community Piazza Stage 2 construction
  • Removal of the western car park, with construction lay down and also the pop up interim skate park in the lane between the Willetton Tennis and Bowling club (active laneway)
  • Six car bays will be kept open in the Northern end of the active laneway
  • Build of new, integrated skate and pedestrian plaza. The plaza will extend from the forecourt outside the Willetton Stadium and replace the existing western car park next to the Stadium
January 2021 - June 2021 Completed 4 October 2021
Community Piazza art
  • Public art installation
February 2021 - May 2021 Completed 10 October 2021
Community Piazza Stage 3
  • Active laneway
FY2023 2023 to 2024 - Completion 2025

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