The City of Canning’s Enriching Your World - Learning City Strategy 2020-2024 seeks to further the City’s vision, supporting our community to “adapt to change with resilience, grasp opportunities with ingenuity, and respond to challenges courageously and innovatively. We will work collaboratively to facilitate access for all community members to a range of learning initiatives, fostering social harmony through inclusion, connection and celebration of our diversity.”


A key principle of a learning city is the firm belief that communities who learn and grow are better able to innovate and respond to challenges.

Download a copy of the strategy here.
Download a copy of the 2020/2021 Action Plan here.
Download a copy of the 2021/2022 Action Plan here.
Canning’s first Learning City Strategy was adopted in 2016 and since that time the City has invested in a range of learning opportunities for all members of the community.

The first Learning City Strategy 2017-2019: Learning City. Discover. Learn. Engage. Grow can be downloaded here.
Some of the notable achievements of the strategy include:
•             transformation of the Riverton Library and activation of the Bentley Hub
•             programs for young people
•             business mentoring and business development training
•             Canning’s first Reconciliation Action Plan implemented
•             increase in volunteering opportunities and support
•             partnerships with over 50 other agencies, and
•             improved relationships with Canning’s multicultural community.
The Enriching Your World - Learning City Strategy 2020-2024 is guided by national and international best practice. It closely aligns to UNESCO Learning Cities, UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Welcoming City Network.  It also aligns to the City’s own Strategic Community Plan and other key strategies and plans to provide a holistic view of community development in Canning.
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