Cecil Avenue East 

Cecil Avenue East is the next phase of the City Centre Regeneration Program – a 10 year, $76 million project that aims to turn Canning into Perth’s southern CBD.

The City of Canning is underway with the Cecil Avenue East project which is part of the next phase of the Canning City Centre Regeneration Program – a 10 year, $76 million program that aims to turn the area into Perth’s Southern CBD and realise its potential as a Strategic Metropolitan Centre in Perth.
The key driver and vision for a rejuvenated Cecil Avenue is to create an entry to the heart of the City Centre. The first stage, Cecil Avenue West was completed in December 2019.
The second stage, Cecil Avenue East, will continue the vision of Cecil Ave West but will commence at Sevenoaks Street to 150 metres past Lake Street. Works include:

  • Dedicated bus lanes which can also be used by cyclists and taxis
  • Wider footpaths for a pedestrian-friendly street
  • Big trees to increase tree canopy on Cecil Avenue
  • Rain gardens and points of interest for the public to enjoy
  • Smart infrastructure including technology for augmented reality, free Wi-Fi, CCTV, public mobile charging stations and interactive street and furniture lighting.

Stage 2A Works: Service Relocations is now completed which will allow for the major road and landscape works to commence.

The City has recently awarded a Contractor (BMD Urban Pty Ltd) to complete Stage 2B Works which consists of major road and landscape works. Stage 2B will commence 13 May 2022 and be completed approximately late January 2023 with the majority of works to be completed prior to Christmas 2022. The works will be staged to ensure traffic will still be able to flow on Cecil Avenue and to keep access to all businesses on Cecil Avenue and surrounding roads.

Construction is well underway for Cecil Avenue East. The next stage of works are about to kick off Monday 17 October 2022.

  •  The closure of one lane of Cecil Avenue from Sevenoaks up to Carousel Road is still in effect. However, cars will experience driving on new pavement while BMD kicks off works on the southern side lane from Monday.
  • Traffic from Lake Street can access Cecil Avenue via Delaney Vista
  • From Monday, local traffic accessing Carousel Village (53 Cecil Avenue) can only be via Lake Street and through the NP Supermarket site (45 Cecil Avenue).
  • Traffic from Carousel Road towards Sevenoaks will continue as normal to ensure traffic will still be able to flow to access all businesses and residential properties on Cecil Avenue.
  • Detours will be in place and safely controlled under traffic management.

If you have any questions regarding this project and the wider City Centre, please contact Gary McCullough - Senior Project Leader Canning City Centre or Angelika Limmarja - Senior Project Planner Canning City Centre here

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