The Lake Street Extension will deliver a new connecting road from Cecil Avenue to Wharf Street.

The Canning City Centre Regeneration Program is a 10-year, $76 million program that aims to create Canning as Perth’s southern CBD. Part of that plan is to revitalise the Canning City Centre and realise its potential as a Strategic Metropolitan Centre in Perth. The focus is to create a City Centre that is vibrant and offers a range of activities and options to its users.

Phase 2 of the program is underway and includes the Lake Street Extension project. This will deliver a new connecting road from Cecil Avenue to Wharf Street. It will:

  • provide a direct link between Cannington Leisureplex and Cecil Avenue
  • promote the viability and accessibility of the Leisureplex
  • provide direct access from the Leisureplex to the heart of the City centre and Carousel shopping centre.

As part of achieving the future vision for the Canning City Centre, the City worked closely with Development WA to enable new secondary roads to be developed in line with the Western Australian Planning Commission approved Activity Centre Plan. In 2020 and early 2021, key State government agencies approved the City’s request to include the Lake Street Extension as part of land negotiations for Cecil Avenue East.

Construction has commenced

Major works on the Lake Street Extension project have begun:

  • Any temporary road closures will be controlled under traffic management. All contractors will be made aware of the safety issues of pedestrians given there are three schools adjoining the site of the new roads.
  • Major works will affect Wharf Street and the entry/exit to Cannington Leisureplex and Library.
  • Wharf Street entry to Cannington Leisureplex and Library will be intermittently reduced to entry only (cars will remain temporarily one-way through this section of the carpark next to Coker Park). To exit, please use the exit on Sevenoaks street.
  • The row of car parks facing Coker Park will not be in use and gate access to Coker Park from Cannington Leisureplex will be accessible at all times
  • To ensure you arrive to your event, function or class on time, we recommend providing yourself ample time to find a park.
  • Existing bus bays outside Cannington Leisureplex (parallel to Coker Park) will no longer be available. Temporary bus bays have been relocated to the short stay car drop off bays at the exit road on to Sevenoaks.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact Gary McCullough (Senior Project Leader, Canning City Centre) or Angelika Limmarja (Senior Project Planner, Canning City Centre) via the Contact Us page.

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