What’s being proposed?

 The City has received $1million in funding as part of the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program which will revitalise the Wharf Street Basin into a Next Generation Community Park.

The Next Generation Community Park will be designed as a space where the community can sit, enjoy the lake and have areas to discover. The park will provide a great space for residents living in apartments within the Canning City Centre who have little or no backyard space to enjoy the outdoors.
Currently a multifunction drain, the park will embrace smart design and smart technology to deliver opportunities for recreation and education.

What’s new?

Developed by Josh Byrne & Associates, this is the concept for Wharf Street Basin Next Generation Community Park:

Through smart landscape design and technology solutions, based on the use of environmental data and community needs, the concept includes:

  • landscape design to promote the natural environment
  • a living lab where water quality and levels will be recorded in real time
  • interactive education stations
  • a bridge for pedestrians to access Cecil Avenue from Wharf Street
  • a boardwalk on the Wharf Street side of the basin
  • technology to provide information on environmental conditions at the park.

Contact Us

Gary McCullough | Senior Project Leader | Canning City Centre  
(e) gary.mccullough@canning.wa.gov.au | (m) 0418 129 964 | (p) 9231 0515

Angelika Limmarja | Senior Project Planner | Canning City Centre  
(e) angelika.limmarja@canning.wa.gov.au | (p) 9231 0567

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