Sustainability relates to our home - the City of Canning - and the larger planet earth. In order to make sure we live good, sustainable lives, we need to understand how sustainability works now and into the future.

The City’s objectives regarding sustainability are:

  • to raise community and organisational awareness of sustainability and understanding of their responsibilities
  • to educate and demonstrate sustainability principles to the community and organisation 
  • to support and enable the community and organisation to be change makers and take action to embed sustainability within the City of Canning and its systems.

In order to meet these objectives, the City has developed and continues to implement a Strategic Sustainability Program (Corporate) and City Sustainability Initiatives (Community).

City Sustainability Initiatives (Community) relates to:

Strategic Sustainability Program (Corporate) relates to:

The City of Canning is committed to an ongoing journey towards more sustainable processes and outcomes. The Council acknowledges its role as the guardian of the community’s quality of life with a responsibility for sustainably managing the social, natural and built environment without compromising opportunities for future generations. The Council is committed to leading by example, undertaking exemplary projects and practices which comply with the sustainability principles below.

To reduce and eventually eliminate:

  1. fossil fuel dependence and wasteful use of scarce metals and minerals
  2. reliance upon persistent chemicals and wasteful use of synthetic substances
  3. encroachment upon nature such as land, water, wildlife, bush land, soil or ecosystems
  4. conditions systematically undermining people’s ability to meet their basic human needs.

For further information watch the following video: