The City has a Sustainability and Environment Advisory Group to provide leadership and strategic advice to Elected Members of Council with respect to a broad sustainability and environment charter.

The Sustainability and Environment Advisory Group (SEAG) aims to provide advice on how to develop and implement more sustainable practices in the community, how to conserve and enhance natural areas within the City, and to champion the development and implementation of initiatives, policies and processes in the delivery of the City’s Strategic Community Plan objectives relating to sustainability and environment.

SEAG Objectives

The SEAG will be a key source of advice to City Officers in developing strategies that support the strategic and community goals and sustainability principles in Canning. The group will:

  • provide comment, expert advice, local knowledge, information and feedback regarding plans, services and programs.
  • provide the City advice in relation to current and emerging issues and policy matters within the Canning community.

For further information about the group contact the City's Sustainability Officer on or 08 9231 0570.

SEAG Members

Membership is sought on the basis of a broad interest, understanding and commitment to environmental and sustainability matters. Advisory Group members are drawn from a cross-section of the community and have a responsibility to attend bi-monthly meetings and contribute to discussions.

The term of appointment for membership is a period of up to two (2) years. Should a vacancy occur, the City will advertise the vacant position/s in local newspapers, and on its website for nominations for membership. 

Contact SEAG

SEAG is happy to communicate the broader views of the Canning community on issues of sustainability and environmental concern.

You can contact SEAG via email to

The Sustainability Team will pass on your contact to the relevant SEAG member, and you will receive a response to your query within 10 working days.
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