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Volunteer Recognition

We thank and celebrate our volunteers for the vital contribution they make to the community.

For more than 25 years volunteers have been working alongside our staff to deliver positive outcomes for our communities. From working at community events, to delivering services and supporting planning, volunteers regularly give back to their communities.

We hold regular volunteer recognition events to thank and acknowledge the contribution of our volunteers. Where possible we hold inclusive celebratory events with our partner volunteer organisations.

National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week is held annually in May. The City supports events and activities to acknowledge and celebrate the contribution of volunteers based on a Volunteering Australia theme.

For more information, visit theĀ Volunteering Australia website.

Thank a Volunteer Day

This Statewide initiative aligns with International Volunteer Day held annually on 5 December. It is a day of celebration where our volunteers come together to acknowledge their successes and to enjoy a fun filled event.

If there is a volunteer in your life, please take the time on Thank a Volunteer Day to thank them for their commitment and contributions.

Meet and Greet Sessions

In March, June, and September each year we host Meet and Greet Sessions with our volunteers. These sessions introduce our volunteers to each other, City staff and community volunteer organisations. Meet and Greet Sessions provide volunteers with opportunities to collaborate, engage with their peers and staff and to participate in training.

We also celebrate milestone achievements for those volunteers who have commit to volunteering over a period of time.

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