Volunteers have been working alongside the City's workforce for 25+ years and the City holds regular volunteer recognition events and activities throughout the year to recognise, celebrate and thank volunteers for their contributions.

The City also aims to hold inclusive celebratory events to recognise volunteer organisations that partner with the City.

The City supports the following volunteer recognition events and activities to recognise volunteers:

National Volunteer Week

Held in the month of May, the City aims to support events and activities based on a theme as determined by Volunteering Australia. A celebratory event is commonly held along with activities that provide a learning opportunity for volunteers. Where possible our community volunteer partners will be included in one or more activities.

Thank a Volunteer Day

Held state wide on Dec 5 this is a day of celebration where City volunteers come together to celebrate the successes of the year and to relax and enjoy a fun filled event. Volunteer engagement to determine the theme of the event is encouraged and where possible our community volunteer partners are invited to be a part of the event.

Meet and Greet Sessions

Held in the months of March, June and September, Meet and Greet Sessions are an opportunity for City volunteers to learn more about each other and what is happening in the City. Guest speakers are a feature of Meet and Greet Sessions along with an opportunity to recognise volunteers for their years of service.

Visit the Volunteering Opportunities page to become a volunteer.

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