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Volunteer Training

We provide our volunteers with training to empower them to make a meaningful difference to our programs and activities.

The unique skills, knowledge and abilities of our volunteers are greatly valued. Whilst volunteering with the City, we want to capacity build volunteers to take on new challenges.

The City of Canning provides volunteers with the following training:


Inductions provide volunteers with an understanding of their work environment, including work, health and safety, and associated reporting requirements.

Volunteers undertaking a regular role attend an induction prior to their first day of volunteering.

Casual volunteers participate in a site induction every time they support a new activity. Site inductions are provided by City staff and/or a partner organisation.


Orientation supports volunteers to understand their duties and enables them to feel competent to carry out all aspects of their role.

Orientation usually takes 3 to 6 months to complete.

Additional training

Training sessions are provided to address any gaps in a volunteer’s skills and knowledge in relation to their role.

Occasionally, volunteers will be required to complete mandatory training in line with the requirements of their position description or to meet the City’s legal obligations.

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