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Planning - Clearance of Subdivision Conditions

Clearance of Subdivision Conditions

When the WAPC issues a decision to approve a subdivision, it is usually subject to conditions.

To enable the creation of the certificates of title, the WAPC needs confirmation that the conditions of subdivision approval have been met.

Once the subdivision work has been completed (demolition of structures, earthworks, resurvey etc.) the applicant may apply for clearance of the conditions to the relevant service agencies.

The developer/landowner must gain clearance of all the conditions prior to applying for the new certificates of title, see Clearance of Subdivision Conditions information sheet to learn more.

You can lodge a new application online using the My Canning portal.

  1. Log in to My Canning.
  2. Select Enquiries.
  3. In the search bar search for clearance
  4. Click the Start button for the enquiry to begin the online application submission process.
  1. Log in to My Canning.
  2. Select My Lodged Applications.

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