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Can you tell us a little bit about the story of Walsh's Glass?

Walshs' is a WA family owned business and the local leader in processing of flat (window) glass. We’ve been supplying the WA construction and housing industry for over 51 years, with most of that time based right here in Canning Vale. We’re an employer of well over 100 people, and our business operates around the clock, most days of the week supplying product to metro and country glaziers and builders. Due to our supplier agreements and product range, we also provide more Australian made glass products than any other processor in WA.

Why locate in Canning Vale?

Canning Vale works perfectly for us in terms of location – its close to key customers and suppliers, has space for the logistics of handling large goods and containerised materials, and has good access to major road transport routes. It’s also a key residential catchment for many of our people, who live locally.

What drew you to applying to WA Leaders as part of the Canning Business Mentoring Program?

Our industry and business is going through significant change at present – bringing with it new challenges and opportunities. Our strategic planning set a vision for growth, digitisation and improvement in employee and customer experience – WA leaders gives us a great opportunity to support that by upskilling new and existing management team members with best-practice knowledge from a wide range of industries and perspectives.

A challenge that a lot of businesses are facing at the moment is around attracting and retaining labour - what are some things that Walsh's offer?

WA’s economy continues to drive labour shortages set against a need for business growth. Walsh's has made significant improvements to our employment offerings – including sign-on bonuses, annual health and wellbeing benefits, fresh fruit in our lunch rooms and more employee events – all in addition to boosted wage levels across all our roles and shifts. You can check out what we have on offer here.

(Published: August 2022)

In today's fast-paced business world, traditional offices are becoming more expensive and time-consuming to maintain. Advanced technology and smartphones are rapidly streamlining the way businesses are run, meaning work can be done from almost anywhere. We caught up with Luke from CVSO to find out how his business has responded to a changing environment.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what led to the establishment of CVSO?

I noticed how a lot of new small businesses were struggling to find suitable office space because the commercial property market was targeted more towards larger businesses, so I tried to break down exactly what it was these small businesses really needed from an office and offer just that in a flexible and affordable package.I also saw how emerging technologies provided an opportunity for small businesses to offer a professional experience for their clients without needing an office at all.

In January 2014 we leased a building in Canning Vale, spent all our money on furniture and signage and started Canning Vale Serviced Offices, known to its tenants as CVSO. The team that helped pull the whole business together from the beginning has been my amazing family. They have been helping in every way possible to create a family business to give back to the community that has already given us so much.

Can you explain what is 'co-working, virtual and serviced offices'?

Whatever your background, level of experience or industry you come from, and whether you need an office every day, once a month or work strictly remotely - we can assist. CVSO can provide you with a commercial presence with all that is expected from a successful business - equipped offices, a receptionist, IT support, meeting rooms and more. Or work from home and enjoy all the services and style of a large organisation at a fraction of the cost.

We don’t think of ourselves as a business centre where we only offer a desk and copier. We want to give much more than just office space. Nothing is too small or too large, and we are always ready to help out in any way we can.

Why Canning Vale? What are the benefits of locating CVSO in Canning?

There may be several serviced office providers in Perth, but not many in the outer suburbs. Our new office at the corner of Bannister Road and Canvale Road is part of a bustling business complex with a large variety of cafes and shops. This area has a multicultural economy that makes everyone feel at home, and we wanted people to be part of our co-working community in the heart of Canning Vale. Our facilities are perfect for clients who want to avoid the heavy traffic and expensive parking in the CBD.

We are also very lucky that Canning Vale is served by a range of buses connecting to the Perth CBD, Murdoch University and Cannington, Maddington and Thornlie train stations. The new Metronet stations being built at Nicholson Road and Ranford Road will offer another simple way to access our services.

(Published: June 2021)

If being financially savvy was not an existing pre-requisite to running a successful business – it certainly is now. Greg Mawer of Accumulate is a local resident in the City of Canning and has a passion for financial literacy. Read on as he shares his story and tips for business owners.

Can you shed some light on what led you to starting Accumulate?

I love helping people and implementing meaningful change in their businesses. Small and medium businesses are much more agile and able to make important changes swiftly. I can have an idea that will help a business owner, have a meeting, weigh up the pros and cons of the change and then implement (with the clients blessing of course). Having worked for WA’s largest privately owned company, I was often frustrated on how long it took to make meaningful change (if at all). In addition, I want to feel good about what I spend my life doing. Would I rather spend my days making a million dollars for a billionaire (who would not notice or care), or helping real everyday Australian’s by making a significant different in their finances and lives? The latter of course!

Whilst many business owners understand the importance of understanding finance, many feel like it's a difficult aspect to grasp. Is it really that hard? What tips can you share?

Understanding finance is actually quite difficult. If it was easy, we wouldn’t see so many West Australian’s businesses fold, losing their homes or going bankrupt. Not so fun fact, a third of all Australian’s would struggle to find $500 cash if an emergency arose. I have many tips on finance, here are a select few:

  1. Do the small things right and consistently – managing your finances is just like managing your weight. Making the small decisions correctly over a prolonged period of time will lead to desired outcomes. Unfortunately there is no magic pill for either!
  2. Money is more psychological than numbers – I see people who earn half a million dollars a year who don’t have a thousand dollars until their next pay check. This is an extreme example of lifestyle inflation, but many people suffer from this infliction. Would you rather work for four weeks and go on a fancy holiday with your family for one week, or work for one week and go on a simple holiday for four weeks with your family? You can always get more money, but you can't get more time. Time is the most valuable resource you have and should use it efficiently and effectively to optimise your life.
  3. Engage a professional that aligns with your goals – lots of people are hesitant to engage finance professionals after the Banking Royal Commission. Lots of our competitors just ‘do your taxes’ and leave it at that. We have a mantra in the office “Good accountants record the past; great accountants improve the future”. This is where we differentiate from our competitors. We find out what the clients wants in their lives (e.g. be the leader in their industry / work 20 hours a week and have a more simple life). Neither answer is right or wrong, but it is imperative for me to know so I can develop a strategy that helps the client achieve all that they desire.

You live in the City of Canning and have delivered many workshops to businesses in the City – what are your thoughts on the City’s business community?

I love living in the City of Canning. Living near the river we take our dog for a walk around the river most mornings – it is a great friendly community. I admit I do a little dance inside when our friends at the Small Business Development Corporation allocate us a workshop to be presented in the City of Canning. Close to the office, close to home and the Riverton Library room for workshops is one of my favourites (still wanting to use the 3D printer!). And the team at City of Canning make the organisation a breeze. Not only do we present in the City of Canning, we also engage the business community through various events the City held throughout the year. The City has a diverse range of businesses and business areas such as Canning Vale and Welshpool (and everything in between).

You mentioned financial literacy as a passion of yours – can you explain why this is so and the benefits of financial literacy to not just business owners but to the community in general?

Financial Literacy is certainly a passion of mine. So much so that I started a social enterprise called Mawer Money to assist Australian’s. There is a quote out there which epitomises why I started the social enterprise. “There are thousands and thousands of people out there living lives of quiet screaming desperation who work long hours, at jobs they hate, to enable them to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like”. People do not have to live this way. I have a dream that all inhabitants of Australia (and the world) have at least a basic level of financial literacy. This should be learned in primary school, high school, and prior to being able to purchase a property and take out a mortgage. Increased financial literacy will have a positive impact on not only the individuals with the knowledge but the community as a whole and the government as well. It will lead to greater mental well-being, less stress, reduced cases of depression, happier families, reduced incidents of domestic violence, less reliance on welfare, the aged pension and reduced suicide.

(Published: November 2020)

Amidst the global pandemic, many businesses are looking at innovative ways to adapt to the changing conditions and Canning businesses are leading the way. We caught up (virtually) with local business owner Lee Green who shares some insights on how he has pivoted his business.

Tell us a little about yourself and your existing businesses.

‘One table – All Full’ Has long been our philosophy for our Café – Canning River Café and our sister catering business, Fresh Convenience Catering. My name is Lee Green and I am the owner of both businesses and have been in the hospitality industry for 30 years plus. Canning River Cafe is a gorgeous alfresco café on the Canning River near the Kent Street Weir and is a community hub in the truest sense of that term. Regulars and locals frequent as do families, professionals and dog owners, bike riders, paddlers, runners etc. Fresh Convenience Catering bakes delicious cakes that we deliver to the cafes we serve as well as providing contract, corporate and event catering Perth wide.

What led you to start a component of your business in the City of Canning?

The City of Canning is opportunity. In essence the City has always presented and delivered on this ability to improve and build for the next generations. We went for the Canning site because of its location and to be honest the fact that you wouldn’t know that you were in a City once you have driven into the carpark and had a walk around the park. The people are diverse in their makeup and we have nurtured relationships with many people from within the City of Canning boundaries.

How have you pivoted your business as a result of the challenges brought on by COVID-19?

Both businesses have been affected greatly by the restrictions - and you have to take stock initially and not drown in the noise. As a family run business, we made some quick, hard decisions to stem the flow of cash as revenues dropped away. This always involves the largest expenditure – people, which is difficult and challenging but required.

We shut the kitchen at the Café to pause and re-evaluate. In a 24 hour period we had designed, costed, priced our home delivery services. Family packs and pantry items with the idea that we keep things tight at the Café and make and deliver from the catering using the online capacity of the catering to carry it all off. We then finalised the website and emailed the next day. A lot of work and a lot of teamwork required to get that off the ground but we did and so we now have an extra arm of the business. We intend to nurture and develop as the weeks and months show us what is needed by the community.

What has this meant for your customers and staff?

Essentially it means there is some work and some opportunity for our team to keep working learning and developing. It is super important that we can keep as many people employed as possible – that supports them more than just financially but by providing a place for them to feel together, focused – not isolated.

The same for our customers – they miss the familiar spaces so if we can provide something familiar for them – to have their ‘Canning River Café‘ moment at home on a Sunday evening – why not. Let’s get through this together.

Do you have any advice for businesses on how to adapt in this time?

The key is to get out of the noise. Don’t get caught by the what if’s , maybe’s and possibilities. Be decisive and make a call and stick to it. But remain open and adaptable. For example, we cut the kitchen at Canning because we needed to halt the flow of cash for no revenue; it bought us some time and now we are clearer and the government have offered up more stimulus packages that we get to review without pressure and see where to from here. The is key be adaptable and flexible at the drop of a hat. But before that be committed and dedicated to your team, your customers and suppliers that way when you move they move with you.

(Published: April 2020)

There is hardly a business today that doesn’t realise the importance of having their own website and for many, the website IS the business. So getting the right one is vitally important. Where do I start?; What ‘look’ do I want to portray and achieve?; what gadgets and widgets should I offer through my site?; these are some of the many questions you’ll be asking as a businessperson.

Fortunately for Canning, we’ve got a web design company in our midst, and we recently caught up with Neville Greenwood and his team at Web Wizards in Cannington to hear about his business journey.

Tell us a bit about your business journey – where did you start and what led you to establishing yourself in Canning?​

I was self-employed in marketing when my cousin needed a website for his business, a small zoo in Pinjarra. He asked if I could look at getting a website for him. I had been looking at a new technology called Wordpress which was starting to become popular for building websites and learnt what I could and then built him a website which proved successful. I realised that this software would be the way of the future and took the plunge!

Within a year the business had grown enough to take on our first employee, followed quickly by a second. We outgrew our home office and looked for a bigger space, moving temporarily to Beckenham before settling in Cannington in 2009.

Why Cannington? What’s the draw card for locating there and what are the benefits?

We wanted to serve the local area, being locals ourselves, and understood that many marketing and digital agencies are based north of the river. Where we are is so central to businesses in the City of Canning being less than 15 minutes for most. Welshpool and Canning Vale industrial areas have over 1400 businesses alone, plus many other small companies, offices and retail shops within a 5km radius of our office. Finally, having lower outgoings like rent and rates means we can offer really competitive rates for our services.

Our team love how easy it is to get to work - the train station at the door step, no fighting peak hour traffic and plenty of free parking. And we all love the amenities, regularly going to Carousel for after work drinks or down to the river at Kent St for casual meetings.

What is Web Wizards? What do they do? And why are you unique in your chosen industry? What’s your USP?​

What we believe in is getting more customers for our customers. We differ from many web companies because we do all the work in-house or locally, not outsourcing these roles overseas. We also do custom design with every website uniquely created by our web designer.

We want to build trust and create relationships with our clients. Support is a large part of the process - there can be a long life cycle for developing an online presence and marketing a website with many technical aspects that can be confounding for a business owner. We like to make sure people are comfortable with us and the process and we have the team and skills to get them the best results. Business owners can come to our office, have a coffee and chat, see who we are, meet the team and know that we are the people who will be hands on through the whole process and be there when needed. We’ve been in this office for 11 years now with mostly the same team (pretty unusual in our industry) who are passionate about design, web development and online marketing.

You operate under a ‘Rules of the Game?  Can you share about how these were developed and how they influence your business?

As Web Wizards grew, with more staff and more customers, we wanted to ensure that we always kept respect for each other and our clients at the forefront of our business. It can be a challenging industry; high pressure with high expectations. We used a business coach to help us learn how to run the business to the best of our ability, and the Rules of the Game were developed during this period and of course our team contributed. Our approach is founded on doing the best work we can do, keep learning, and valuing our clients and each other. And have fun along the way.

What’s next for Web Wizards?

We’re still aiming high, we’re investing some energy into getting more people on the team. We’ve just employed another web developer so we can produce websites in a shorter timeframe. Next will be a social media marketer.

We have our own new website launching soon – even we need our own services!

We’re hoping to capture more of the local market and get City of Canning businesses coming to see us first instead of heading northward. And we’d like to run seminars locally to educate businesses on the tools available to help increase their online presence. We’re growing in size and have plans for extra office space, and we’ll stay local.

The team are enthusiastic table tennis players and would love room to have the odd tournament at lunch time. One of our Rules of the Game is to have a fun and friendly work environment. A happy team equals a unified team, and that equals best quality work.

(Published: March 2020)

We met Azadeh Najafian from local business Wood and Form Cabinets Ltd and were impressed by her family’s story – one that many of our local businesses share. It’s a story of resilience, challenge, creativity and authenticity - one that you wouldn't want to miss.

Tell us a little about yourself – what led you to Canning?

I better start with explaining the reason of our migration to Australia. My Dad is a very talented and skillful man who loves his work. In Iran he had a very successful furniture and cabinet making business with around 30 employees, but there were lots of restrictions and pressure which limited his business growth. This led him to look for a better place to pursue his passion freely, away from a harsh environment.

My parents are very passionate about learning and communicating with other people and they always encourage us to learn and grow, so they decided to send me to a different, multicultural country to do my undergraduate studies when I was 17 years old. Since that time I've been mostly living away from my home country.

As we all know leaving the familiar things you love and everything you invested in for years and years is never easy - you can imagine how difficult the pressure was. However the decision was made to leave Iran and everything we knew, for a better quality of life and we moved to Australia.

Why Canning as your location of choice for your business?

We've been living south of river since we got to Perth. We chose Canning Vale as the place to locate our business as it’s a premier industrial area with very good transport links. It's also home to lots of different businesses and this variety makes it very active and a desirable location for any type of business.​

What’s been the highlight for your family as they’ve travelled along on their business journey in Australia?

We’ve had lots of great moment in our business, but the most amazing ones are; when we receive a feedback from a happy customer and that makes us realize the provided service was valuable and helpful. That moment when they tell us how happy they are with their new kitchen cabinets, laundry cabinets or bathroom vanities etc. That's the main reason we are in this business; to be able to help others with our skills, knowledge and education.​

And the future? What does it hold for you?

For the future, I believe in having a great team of creative skillful people. We really want to grow our team bigger and fill it with talented passionate people. A team which focuses on innovative ideas and customer needs, which can design and build functional and beautiful interior spaces to improve people's wellbeing and quality of life.

That is the reason keeps us going forward in this very challenging path. We believe being in a business is all about learning, and is truly a learning curve and we love it because it pushes us to try our best, evolve, and learn new things every day.

(Published: January 2020)

Utilising Canning's strategic location as a hub for freight, find out how this unique regional based business has grown to be the largest processor and exporter of rock lobsters in the world.

Nestled in the heart of the Welshpool industrial area lies the largest processor and exporter of rock lobsters in the world - Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-operative (GFC). Taking home the coveted West Australian Exporter of the Year 2019, GFC commissioned its Welshpool facility in 2016 as a staging point for all of their exports. The location was chosen as it is located only 10 minutes from the airport, optimising their supply chain from boat-to-plate, and allowing for GFC to service its largest customers in Asia.

In the ensuing decades since GFC was established in 1950, the organisation has focused on product and market development as well as quality improvements to help the industry evolve from a high volume, low-value product to a world-class sustainable fishery in demand across the globe. Today, GFC has a dynamic team located across multiple sites and countries – but stays true to their co-operative roots by maintaining over ten coastal facilities along the WA coastline that service their members who are mostly small to medium family-based fishing businesses. By embracing flexible workplace / work location arrangements and technology, the entire team continues to focus on delivering value no matter where they are in the world.

With fixed quotas of lobster available for trade each year, the WA lobster fishery is the first of its kind to be independently recognised as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) in 2000. Understanding the need for this regulation as a core tenet of the sustainability of the industry and environment, GFC and their members recognise they are the custodians of the fishery. They see it as their responsibility to ensure that the resource is looked after, sustainably harvested to provide enjoyment and access to all - for generations to come. That’s why GFC’s focus is on growth through increasing market share, returns and product diversification. A perfect example of meeting challenge with innovation, we are proud to have such a forward thinking and sustainable organisation within the City of Canning.

Congratulations once again to the team at Geraldton Fisherman’s Co-operative on taking out the Exporter of the Year in 2019!

(Published: November 2019)

As we welcome back Total Green Recycling back into the City of Canning, we reached out to learn and share their inspiring journey as pioneers of the electronic waste industry in WA.

Passionate about tackling Australia’s growing waste problems, brothers Michael and James Coghill established That Guy’s Recycling in their dad’s garage in 2008. Their focus – the relatively unknown electronic waste (e-waste) recycling industry. Having never had “real jobs” before going into business it was a huge learning curve for the young entrepreneurs. From communication, aggression in the workplace, staff relationships, hiring, firing – Michael and James believe people + culture are the hardest but also the most critical things to get right.

Michael and James have created a strong culture centred on honesty, compassion and openness that has attracted employees to join them on the three levels of their mission - people, planet, profit. This lies at the core of their business and is demonstrated through partnerships with disability employment providers. By supporting people through employment it not only helps the community but also sends a clear message to staff that on what the organisation values – caring for the community and giving back. It also provides their staff with an opportunity to learn from and help people that they would not ordinarily have a chance to communicate with.

The future is bright for Total Green Recycling. After their seventh move into a better and bigger facility, they now have two TGR locations - one e-waste processing facility in Welshpool and the second focusing on IT Asset Management and secure data destruction in Canning Vale. Their biggest challenge going forward is to activate Western Australians to recycle their electronics through their facility before they become obsolete or end up in landfills, which is their biggest competitor.

However, Michael and James remain optimistic and see opportunities to work with educational institutions, developing the circular economy and are campaigning for e-waste to be banned from landfill in WA. We are excited to see the return of TGR back into the City of Canning and if you want to learn more about this innovative and community minded organisation, visit the Total Green Recycling website.

(Published: October 2019)

We met Ernest and Sarah Yeo, owners of Photogenic Dental, Parkwood. It wasn’t only their smiles that impressed us – their absolute commitment to being a part of the local community shone through in our conversation.

A small family run business (Ernest heads up a dedicated professional team of 20 while wife Sarah juggles the tasks of being a mum to three under 5 alongside the communications and branding requirements of the practice) Photogenic Dental has been operating in Parkwood since 2013, taking over the Parkwood Dental Centre which had served the local for 26 years prior to that. Their aim: to provide modern high-tech solutions for everyday dental problems, treating clients with old fashioned care and personalized service that is holistic and accessible to entire families.

Community is the core of their business philosophy.

Through active involvement in local community groups both Ernest and Sarah had developed a heart for the people in the City of Canning and a real desire to see its people healthy, thriving and full of life. ‘We really felt driven to commence our dental business journey in Parkwood because we felt it was an ‘older suburb’ that would both appreciate our old-fashioned ethos and personalized culture, but one that we could make the biggest immediate positive impact in through our energetic and modern high-tech dental practices. We have found this to be true plus much more, as the people in the area (a wonderful mix of young and older families) have shown to be extremely loyal, caring and understanding, appreciative of our service, culture and investment into the community, and really supportive of our practice growth and expansion plans in the area’ says Ernest.

‘We have a saying at our practice that we are going to be a business that ‘Makes Canning Cool’. We have a referral rewards program at our practice that rewards referring clients with a free gift of something that can only be found in our community, such chances to win a Whaleback golf membership, to free coffees at Lo Quay café to a free pizza at Tiramisu pizzeria or a meal at Riverton Bar and Grill, or a family pass to the Riverton Leisureplex. This is our way of being generous and giving back to our local clients as well as supporting local businesses. We recognize an essential foundation to the success of our local city and community is to have thriving businesses and are always looking for further businesses to partner with in our local community’ says Ernest. They put their money where their mouth is in others ways. Photogenic Dental were a Gold Sponsor at the City’s inaugural Mayoral Charity Golf Day at Whaleback Golf Course, generously contributing to raising funds for Zonta House who support Women’s Refuge.

This ‘Community First’ philosophy is certainly paying off, with the business looking to build a new facility opposite the existing Vellgrove Avenue premises as well as expansion into Mt Pleasant.

If you are looking for a trusted partner in family dental health care, then look no further than Photogenic Dental.

(Published: June 2019)

We recently caught up with Chris Tistrand of Dinner Twist and Mason, Jarred and Beau of Kommunity Brew. Both organisations have been selected to be a part of the City’s newest addition to the Business Mentoring Program – SME Surge. Read on to learn more about their unique businesses and what motivates them to be socially responsible.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background, what led you to starting your business?

Dinner Twist – Born and raised in Sweden, I am an automation engineer now running a family food business in Perth – who would’ve thought! In 2009 my engineering career allowed us to come to Perth for a three-year adventure! Well, Perth grew on us and in 2011 we took our firstborn back to Sweden to meet the family. At a friend’s place, we were introduced to the meal kit concept, which originated in Sweden, as the doorbell rang and there was a man handing over fresh produce and matching recipes.

For the busy family this was a lifesaver and we thought it would be amazing to bring this to Perth! In March 2012 we delivered our first Dinner Twist box to some encouraging friends and neighbours!

Kommunity Brew – Jarred and I were both working in an organic food business while studying health science. We had great teamwork and a love of business. We thought there could be ways to impact public health positively without being clinicians and so we started to hatch some ideas. As we developed the idea of a business we spoke with friends, one of which was Beau a commercial distiller and beer brewer. All three of us shared in the philosophy of living clean and having each individually gone through a health epiphany of sorts, kombucha seemed a perfect fit. The driving vision for us was a contemporary bar with non-alcoholic options, which subsequently led to the development of a portfolio of non-alcoholic kombuchas – the birth of Kommunity Brew.

Why locate in Canning?

Dinner Twist – Canning has the infrastructure that will allow us to keep growing the business. Its location makes good sense from a logistic perspective as we deliver from Yanchep to Margaret River. Being a fresh food supplier, having Canning Vale markets around the corner saves us time as well as money. It’s also the first time we are in a business precinct and it’s great to have neighbours who all want to support each other.

Kommunity Brew – Being a small business, you learn to be savvy with expenses. Rather than having a bespoke space in Fremantle we chose a pragmatic warehouse in Canning Vale. Pragmatism served us to keep quality ingredients in our products. It is expensive being a top-shelf beverage, we didn't want to be a mainstream soda, and so it is important to keep the costs of logistics, leases and the likes at fair value. This rung true when we were advised by a seasoned winemaker "your wine is only as good as your grapes". Similarly, our kombucha is only as good as our tea, so we don't compromise our ingredients.

Both your organisations have such a strong focus on ethics and culture. Can you share what was the motivation behind this and how has this culture/ethos impacted the business?

Dinner Twist – "Happy staff and happy customers" has always been our motto. We are blessed with an amazing team who care deeply about their job and take pride in the positive changes we bring families in WA. You also attract people more likely to fit your culture if it shines through in the job ad. Naming it an Administrative Assistant versus a Customer Service Superstar sets expectations for both parties. It’s also a lot more fun!

Kommunity Brew – We started with the mission 'Change Australia's Drinking Culture'. After four years of being in the market, hundreds of events and sponsorships - we are glad to have achieved this mission. Our next mission is to brew 'Good Beverages for a Good Future'. This means a top quality beverage that improves the society we live in. We don't just want a healthier body for our customers, we want a healthier planet and society! This means we are creating direct partnerships with not-for-profit and charitable organisations. Our first chapter in this new mission is carbon neutrality. Our goal is to be carbon neutral by 2021 by planting trees with The Trillion Trees project in Hazelmere, WA.

Sustainability is at the core of both organisations. However, many businesses find being sustainable challenging and costly. What would your advice be to them?

Dinner Twist – I’d say we are all now aware that we are putting an unsustainable pressure on our planet. As business owners, we have the opportunity make impactful choices. At Dinner Twist, we continuously make more sustainable choices to our supply chain, sure it comes at a cost but it’s also a great differentiator. Customers now come to us for reduced plastics, reduced food waste, clean ingredients and fair farming.

Today your customers will look favourably on conscious sourcing but soon it will be the norm, if you are not starting that journey I believe you’ll fall behind.

Kommunity Brew – Focus on win-win and have real discussions with stakeholders. We talk to our suppliers about our company values and we find ways to become more sustainable without hitting the bottom line (too hard). We are also very clear with ourselves, we are not in this to fill our pockets. Our workforce is mostly part-time, including directors, because just about everyone has a family or study or a hobby they want to do. We are quite inspired by social issues and so we see the company as a vehicle to do good. Sustainability is only costly if you prefer the money in your pocket over the environments. We want a balance.

What is the future looking like for your business? Challenges and opportunities?

Dinner Twist – The biggest challenge is the influx of overseas global players. They are very clever with their marketing and change the expectations of the customers who now seeks discounts and flexibility that leads to increased waste.

On the flip side, this is also our biggest opportunity as more people come across our concept but seek a more sustainable and conscious alternative.

Kommunity Brew – Bright! Our challenge and opportunity is to get our voice out there, be heard, viewed and enjoyed. We feel like custodians to fermentation and kombucha brewing, and so while we are confident in our capacity, our process and quality, equally we could use more support in getting our voice out there. We have spent five years understanding medium-to-large scale production and specialising our supply chain, which has bred real confidence to support our tenacity. We do everything in-house which, to our surprise, is rare for food business. Now with all this wonderful process, quality assurance and knowledge, we need to share this with the market and get our presence out there.

(Published: June 2019)

We caught up with one of the owners of WA Health Group in Canning Vale - Chris Carr for a short interview. Chris was a sponsorship winner of the City’s Business Mentoring Program for Curtin Ignition in 2018 and previously, the Curtin Growth Owner Program.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what led you to starting WA Health Group?

I am a Perth local having grown up in Willetton and Salter Point, I went to Curtin University to study Physiotherapy and gained a graduate job working with an Orthopaedic Surgeon who started an allied health business. His passion for holistic care planted a seed early on in my career and after working in the UK for 2 years I came back to Perth inspired to start a clinic that didn't just offer Physio service but looked at health problems through the lens of the whole person. I was lucky enough to align with my good friend Lennon Corriea who has a natural entrepreneurial streak. Everyone told us starting a business with a friend was going to end in a disaster. However, 5 years on the business has gone from strength to strength and we are still great friends. He was even one of my Groomsmen for my wedding in December!

Can you talk us through some of the milestones of the journey thus far, where WA Health Group is currently and what the future plans are?

The biggest milestone was in April 2015 when we opened our clinic in Canning Vale. We moved from a small shared room in Hilton to taking on a big lease without an established business – a big gamble. Along the way our team has grown from Lennon and me to a team of 20. There is opportunity within the health care service - becoming modern, understanding what clients want and providing consistent value allows growth. It is great to lead a business that improves the health of a local community - I couldn't see myself doing anything else.Personal growth through education has been a catalyst for business growth for both Lennon and me. There have been small milestones each month but over 5 years they all add up to be something we both are incredibly proud of.

Can you shed some light on both your experience at Curtin Ignition, Growth Owner and some of the learnings from it?

There have been so many - I don't know where to start. The Growth Owner program taught me you don't have a business without your team. They are your biggest asset in business so look after them. This is something I will never forget. Curtin Ignition was one of the most enjoyable learning weeks I have ever had. I learnt to ask your customers what they value - and look at ways to innovate to provide more value. Before Ignition I used to think I knew what customers valued by viewing it through my own experiences – but after, I realised I wasn't the ideal customer for my business.

Lastly – you’ve chosen to locate your practice in Canning Vale, Canning. What was the reason for locating the practice here?

Canning Vale is a very happening place and there is a real sense of community here. Canning Vale locals have supported our business because they care about their health. People are busy juggling their work and family commitments and benefit from the expertise of health practitioners at WA Health Group.

(Published: May 2019)

Located along the bustling Albany Highway in the heart of Canning, Drummond Golf Cannington is one of three Western Australian franchises operating under the national umbrella. Founded in 1974 in Bendigo Victoria, the franchise now includes 48 stores nation-wide and is Australia’s biggest golf retailer, as local franchisee Chris Harris says ‘It really is like being part of a big family’.

There are horror stories out there about some franchise operations but that’s not the case with Drummond Golf – for Chris it’s being a great partnership from Day One. ‘Being a Drummond Golf franchisee has been a great experience for us’ says Chris. He cites an array of benefits including Head Office support in the areas of IT, marketing and branding, promotional campaigns, legal and employment advice and support. But the biggest benefit is being part of a nation-wide purchasing chain where the benefits made in purchasing are passed directly onto his customers.

‘Twice a year all the franchisees meet up – that’s a great forum for sharing problems and successes’ says Chris. Chris recommends that anyone looking a franchising should go into it with their eyes open. ‘Talk to other franchisees and make sure you understand what support Head Office offers’ he says.

You might think they're just another golf store but what stands out is their unique MiMatch fitting service – a real value-add service for all their customers from beginner to pro. "Customers come into me with a problem – they don't know what to look for when choosing clubs" says Chris. Using MiMatch, customers are measured and matched to the right club head, shaft length and flex – even the correct grip thickness is calculated. "Our biggest thrill is to see a person’s game improve after going through the MiMatch program with us."

Chris and his team are winners too, taking out the Drummonds Golf Store of the Year award in 2011 and numerous Salesperson of the Year awards as well.

If you're thinking of becoming a franchisee, then look no further than Drummond Golf Cannington – a franchisee success story.

(Published: April 2019)

As you enter the Reception of Odeum Farms in the Canning Vale fruit and vegetable precinct, you will see twelve values that underpin its operation hanging with pride. These values are made up of short, easy to understand phrases such as ‘talk straight’ or ‘confront reality’. Built on a foundation of trust, these values exemplify the way Odeum Farms goes about its business. Trust has allowed Odeum Farms to grow (pardon the pun) from its beginnings in 2000 as a fresh produce supplier to retail chain stores, onto venturing into Exporting produce as well as supplying the Hospitality and Food Service industries.

Since buying into the business in 2009, Managing Director John Travers has further diversified the company with Odeum Farms now offering finance to its growers. Valuing trust in the supply chain, Odeum Farms has loaned in excess of $5 million over the last 6 years.

Known as the ‘Grower Assistance Package’ or GAP funding, a high number of loans have gone to members of the culturally and linguistically diverse community who often struggle with the procedures and protocols associated with traditional financial institutions. With an in-house culturally and linguistically diverse team Odeum Farms have been able to assist these growers through the application process to open the doors for investment into new technologies, improving quality and yield (see video on the GAP).

If are looking for a trusted partner in your supply chain, then look no further than Odeum Farms.

(Published: March 2019)

Blending in with the surroundings of the Canning Vale Industrial Area, Pier DC Pty Ltd is the only Tier III Data Centre located South of the River. Whilst most businesses have considered the digital aspect of cybersecurity, most over overlook the physical risks to their digital hardware and data storage. This is where Pier DC&'s unique offering of security plus hardware reliability really comes to the fore.

Don't be fooled by the deliberately purpose built non-descript frontage. Within the secure premises is a state-of-the-art facility that has been recognised by the prestigious Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications Alliance (WAIITA) as the Most Effective Infrastructure Solution in the 2018 WAIITA Awards. With ample racks to house data Pier DC has a wide range of technologies that aim to provide security and reliability to its customers. These include closed-loop water-cooling systems, free-air chillers, hypoxic fire prevention, contiguous CCTV coverage and a biometric authentication system. In other words – they've got your back.

Although the site is camouflaged in the neighbouring industrial area, the facility itself is extremely accessible being open 24/7 and near to major thoroughfares. Importantly, this strategic location in Canning Vale allows it to have dual grid power with the ability to access power from two independent substations. Not to mention they also have their own generators as a backup. So don't rack your brains over choosing a data centre, check in with the team at Pier DC.

(Published: February 2019)

Growing up under the influence of his father's technology background the CEO of Ferox Advanced Vehicles Corporation, Troy Wheeler, was determined from an early age to further build on and define their own unique process for innovation. After building a solid foundation in business skills by starting his career in the financial sector, Troy seized on a ‘perfect storm’ of opportunities to start Ferox. His goal: not to compete with others who were venturing into autonomous vehicles and alternatively powered vehicles, but to focus instead on an area of the automotive industry where he saw little evidence of innovation – vehicle architecture and design.

Strategically located in the City of Canning's Welshpool Industrial Area, Ferox has capitalised on the location's proximity to major transport routes including Perth Airport. The area's cluster of supporting industries, skilled labour, and being only a short drive from home made choosing Welshpool a no-brainer.

Unbridled confidence in their Fluidification Technology gives the team at Ferox an unhindered mandate to creative inspiration and they have embraced the challenge to bring it to life. This is in stark contrast to current industry practice and is evident from the incredible theme boards that were formed right at the start of Ferox’s journey. Couple this with a culture of always pushing the limits and the company’s first fully operating prototype – Azaris – was brought to life.

It is this culture and the ability to integrate this array of unique, individually designed pieces into something greater (as seen in the Azaris) that really defines Troy and his leadership. He has fostered a strong support network for his team that inspires them to keep pushing the limits. Keep track of Troy and the team at Ferox – this is a journey you'll want to share in.

(Published: February 2019)

We caught up with Joseph Ling, Managing Director of AGRIFresh to hear his story on becoming one of the largest citrus producers in WA. Originally from Malaysia, Joseph sought to fill what he saw was a gap in the local WA fresh fruit market and has since grown AGRIFresh to become a key supplier, both locally and internationally. AGRIFresh is headquartered in Canning Vale, the location chosen for its proximity to home (for Joseph and his team); wholesalers and distributors; and both sea and air ports.


Technology has been a key component to AGRIFresh’s growth with Joseph stressing its necessity in modern farming. "Knowledge and data helps make better and timelier decisions" Joseph emphasised. Investments into fertigation, robotic vision, data metrics and more recently a desire to become paperless by 2020 are some of the ways technology has set AGRIFresh apart. Drone technology is also being trialled, ensuring AGRIFresh continues to match advances in technology with business growth.


With the focus firmly on exports, AGRIFresh has also "invested heavily in the packing shed with a focus on accommodating throughput volume" says Joseph. While China and the Middle East are the core markets for AGRIFresh Joseph believes that "exporting to multiple destinations spreads risk across markets". With this focus and philosophy, AGRIFresh has claimed top honours in being recognised as Western Australian Exporter of the Year 2018 and the Hong Kong Australia Business Association’s (HKABA) Business Excellence Award 2018.


While labour costs, climate change and the fluctuating currency remain top threats to AGRIFresh, Joseph's resolve remains strong. He sees value adding, diversification and partnerships as the core areas of focus in AGRIFresh’s future. Growing networks like those in HKABA and upskilling staff through programs such as those being offered by WA Leaders are also areas where Joseph and his team place emphasis. We are proud to have such innovative and leading businesses within Canning and are delighted to share AGRIFresh’s accomplishments with the Community.

Congratulations once again to Joseph and the team at AGRIFresh!

(Published : December 2018)

We met with local migrant residents Arnold Nyamhamba, his wife Tanya Goromonzi, and their 11-week-old baby boy Micah to hear their amazing success story. They both came to WA initially to study, progressing to work and have since settled in Canning after meeting each other through a mutual friend.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Arnold is currently working for the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and is a recent recipient of the City's Business Mentoring Program to Curtin Ignition. Describing his experience of Curtin Ignition, Arnold highlighted the intensity and ‘hands on’ nature of the five and a half day program.

"In short, it was like University on steroids” he recounted whilst also highlighting he was most impressed by “the high calibre of the Ignition cohort." When asked about the main takeaways of the program, he mentioned "it was the learnings from people who have done it all before and the relationships made with like-minded entrepreneurs that was most valuable."

Tanya is also from Zimbabwe and is a local business owner having invested in the audiology side of the Specsavers franchise in Carousel and Riverton. When asked about the choice to live and do business in Canning, she said the decision was simple.

"Canning is a multicultural area and has easy access to shops that we can get goods from home that are not widely available." She says when she lived outside of Canning, she would often have to travel into Canning to access those same shops. When the opportunity arose to offer the first audiology services through Specsavers, she jumped at it saying "it is extremely convenient being able to work so close to home."

Arnold and Tanya are Canning converts. "Our hearts are well and truly in Canning - we have a strong desire to remain within the community to give minority groups the self confidence that it can be done." The future remains bright for Arnold and Tanya’s young family and we are ecstatic that they are here to stay.

(Published: October, 2018)

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