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Start Stage

The Start stage includes two unique programs to help you develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to start a successful business.

Business Foundation – Setting up a Business (program 1)

Do you have a business idea that you are ready to turn into an operating and profitable business.

The START program offers 4 weeks of intensive training followed by 6 months of 1:1 mentoring from a Business Advisor to help you get your business started.

Each week you will meeting with your Business Advisor who will preview the concepts and set your goals.

You will be required to complete 3 training modules online, at a time and pace that suits you. At the end of the week, you will have the opportunity to catch-up with our dedicated business trainer who will review the content covered in the training modules and answer any of your questions.

On completing the four weeks training you will continue to work with your Business Advisor who will provide ongoing support, advice and encouragement to help you through the first 6 months of trading.

What you need to bring to the program

  • A solid business idea.
  • A commitment to spend 4 weeks working on your business.
  • The drive and focus to make it happen.

This program is only for people serious about getting their business up and running and who have the time, resources, and commitment to complete this unique program to fast track their new venture.

We Are Emersyn – Female Founders Program (program 2)

A 6-month blended learning program to establish a robust foundation, enhance visibility and generate traction, that has been designed to empower female entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to pave the way for future growth.

The program is tailored to each participant's individual and unique needs, making it dynamic and adaptable.

In the initial phase, the program's focus is on laying the groundwork for the entrepreneurial journey where we delve into fundamental aspects such as business planning, goal setting, time management and understanding target market.

We then focus on visibility to enhance online presence, branding strategies and effective marketing techniques.

Building on the foundations and visibility, the latter part of the program is dedicated to creating traction, delving into customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Participants will learn from skills and domain experts and be inspired by other female entrepreneurs.

The program offers practical insights, real-world case studies and encourages participants to engage in open discussions and problem-solving sessions.

Meet Karen from DecoMagic

Karen has been in business for 11 years. This extraordinaire invented the world’s first metallic icing for the baking and confectionery industry to prevent double handling.

Karen joined the Canning Business Mentoring Program and has done two courses to develop her brand and network. Hear her experiences and leanings with the program.

Meet Amy from Gaia Fine Jewels

Amy has been in business since 2020 and jewellery is her passion. From intricate Sterling silver to delicate pearls, Amy’s range of jewellery was constantly getting complimented.

Amy joined the Canning Business Mentoring Program as she needed assistance on how to sell her products online. Hear her experiences and learnings with the program.

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