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Help us make a difference

There are many ways local residents can help conserve the City of Canning’s natural environment.

You can help keep the City’s natural areas healthy by:

  • keeping to designated footpaths in natural areas
  • not picking or trampling native vegetation
  • keeping dogs on leads
  • confining cats to your property and keeping them inside at night
  • getting involved with your local environmental community groups
  • picking up litter and reporting rubbish dumping
  • disposing of garden refuse the City’s green bin and not in bushland areas
  • reporting suspected vegetation damage
  • avoiding fertiliser use on your garden
  • ensuring your garden and aquarium plants do not escape into bushland or wetlands (download the Use Local Plants Instead brochure to learn how)
  • reporting injured wildlife to a licensed wildlife carer or advising the City
  • reporting feral pests such as feral bees, cats or foxes to the City
  • reporting illegal vehicles within natural areas by contacting us on 1300 422 664.

Join a Community Group

There are many enthusiastic community groups with the City of Canning helping to restore and protect the natural environment.

The City supports volunteers, with many groups having a long history of valuable conservation activities within the area. Their conservation activities include weed control, revegetation, restoration, community education, plant propagation, seed collection, bird surveying, plant watering and feral pest control.

Check out these community groups within Canning:

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