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Local Emergency Management Planning

Local governments are key in the State’s emergency management plans.

Local governments must have local emergency management arrangements in place. This is required under the Emergency Management Act 2005.

This is important because local governments know their communities better than anybody else.

During an emergency, local governments:

  • provide expert knowledge about their communities and environments
  • ensure the preparation of local emergency management arrangements
  • manage recovery after an emergency.

Local Emergency Management Arrangements

In an emergency or large-scale incident, the City has developed local emergency arrangements:

Local Emergency Management Committee

Each local government must establish a local emergency management committee (LEMC).

The City of Canning shares this responsibility with the City of South Perth. The Canning and South Perth LEMC meet quarterly.

Committee membership includes:

  • City staff and representatives
  • Department of Fire and Emergency Services
  • State Emergency Service
  • Department of Communities
  • WA Police.

LEMC provides expert advice on local emergency management plans. This includes guidance on the development, maintenance, and testing of the plans.

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