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Butterfly Gardening

Butterfly Gardening
Butterfly Garden

Event Details

15 June 2024
11:00 am to 12:00 pm
Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC), Cnr Kent Street and Queens Park Road, Wilson

Flutter into the enchanting realm of butterfly gardening with Steve McCabe, a seasoned biologist and gardening enthusiast.

There are many local wildflowers that can serve as butterfly habitat in your garden, but you are not restricted to a ‘bushland garden’ if you wish to attract butterflies. You will also discover a huge range of plants suitable for kitchen gardens which also attract butterflies. 

Join us to learn how to craft a garden that is not only visually stunning but also serves as a sanctuary for these delightful creatures. 

At this workshop you will:

  • learn about the butterfly species found in Perth
  • learn how to select the perfect nectar-rich flower species to attract Perth’s butterfly species
  • understand the importance of host plants for butterfly larvae
  • deepen your understanding of the lifecycle of butterflies, from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly
  • learn how you can create a supportive environment for each stage of their development
  • gain practical knowledge and hands-on tips to transform your garden into a haven for butterflies. 

This is a Switch Your Thinking workshop in partnership with CREEC and the City of Canning.

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