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City of Canning triumphs at IPWEA WA Awards

City of Canning triumphs at IPWEA WA Awards
19 March 2024

The City of Canning continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering exceptional projects and services for the community, earning esteemed recognition at the Institute of Public Works Engineers Australasia (IPWEA) WA 2024 awards.

The IPWEA Awards recognises and showcases the individual contributions of local governments who have demonstrated excellence in significant engineering projects, and innovative practices in traffic safety management.

The City of Canning secured three awards, for the Lake Street Extension and Lake Street Urban Stream, both important projects for the Canning City Centre.

The City’s Lake Street Extension project won the ‘Best Public Works Project $2m - $5m (Metro)’.

This initiative is part of the comprehensive Canning City Centre Regeneration Program, which aims to enhance accessibility and connectivity within the urban landscape, reflecting the City's commitment to sustainable development.

The team with their awards (detailed in caption)
Asile Wong - Senior Landscape Architect & Urban Designer, David Janssens - Service Lead Engineering Operations, Giles Pickard - Principal Landscape Architect, Gary McCullough - Service Lead Major Projects, Jason Tindale - Landscape Construction Officer, Troy Bozich - Manager Major Projects and Strategic Transport, Angelika Limmarja - Metronet Liaison Officer. Shout out also to Matthew Bailey - Project Leader Major Projects, who couldn't make it to the picture!

Lake Street Extension is Canning’s newest City Centre road, connecting Cecil Avenue to Wharf Street, enhancing, and strengthening the connections to the Cannington Leisureplex and Library, Coker Park, Sevenoaks Senior College, and Cannington Community College and was the 6th project delivered as part of the Canning City Centre Regeneration Program. Importantly, this was the first City Centre project to be delivered and project managed largely by the City’s own operational and technical teams.

The City's efforts with the Lake Street Urban Stream project won in two categories ‘Best Public Works Project Under $2m (Metro)’ and ‘Excellence in Water Projects’.

The Lake Street Urban Stream project was designed and delivered to meet the growing demands of the expanding Canning City Centre area, which will accommodate both population growth and anticipated infrastructure development, this important project was designed and constructed by LD Total.

Positioned opposite the upcoming elevated Cannington train station, it is a pivotal element in the area's rejuvenation and acts as a gateway into the City.

With an approved WAPC Activity Centre Plan allowing for development of up to 10,000 dwellings which could accommodate a population increase of 25,000, the City Centre aims to become Perth's southern CBD.

These projects both address the growing demands of the expanding Canning area while contributing to environmental sustainability and community revitalisation.

Mayor Patrick Hall expressed his pride in the City's Major Projects and Infrastructure and Environment teams, applauding their dedication to promoting and enhancing Canning's roads, infrastructure, and environment.

“It’s pleasing to see our Major Projects and Infrastructure and Environment teams coming together to deliver a variety of great projects, catering to the growth of our City.”

“The City of Canning continues to be a welcoming and thriving City thanks to our innovative approach to the development of our community infrastructure.” Mayor Hall said.

The City of Canning was also named as a finalist in the 'Excellence in Environment & Sustainability' category for the Lake Street Extension and 'Excellence in Road Safety Projects' for its Road Safety Management Plan.

Additionally, the City was recognised as a finalist for the 'Best Public Works Project over $5m (Metro)' for the Cecil Avenue East project.

Furthermore, the Gibbs Street Safe Active Street initiative was acknowledged as a finalist in two categories: 'Best Public Works Project Under $2m (Metro)' and the 'Sarkis Petrossian Award for Innovation in Traffic Management'.

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