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New dog park springing up in Canning

New dog park springing up in Canning
14 November 2023

Canning has invested into its very first dedicated dog park, creating more space for our four-legged friends to play.

Works to construct the dog park at Park Beach Close, Shelley have commenced and are due to be completed by July 2024 .

City of Canning Mayor Patrick Hall said the dog park will be a safe haven and secure environment for dogs to exercise and socialise with other dogs.

“Dog parks also provide dog owners opportunity to come together for social interaction, social inclusion and a greater sense of community.”

“The park will have dedicated spaces for active and passive dogs, a dividing fence at least 1.2m high, air-lock entry gates, shaded seating, clear signed rules, educational signs, drinking fountains for dogs and owners, dog bins and bags, and external and internal universally accessible paths,” Mayor Patrick Hall said.

The Dog Spaces Strategy adopted in 2022 informed the design of the park, making similar ‘play styles’ of dogs the defining factor for the use of two adjacent parks, rather than dividing the areas based on the size of the dog.

The ‘Active’ area is for dogs that enjoy running around and playing with other dogs.

The ‘Passive’ area is for quieter dogs that do not engage in intense play.

The City has converted the kerb on Park Beach Close to be mountable, allowing verge parking in addition to the existing street parking at Zenith Park and Riverton Bridge, a short 5-minute walk away.

For more information on the park, visit canning.wa.gov.au/dogpark

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