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The City of Canning wins best solution to a work health and safety risk

The City of Canning wins best solution to a work health and safety risk
01 November 2023

Last Friday the City of Canning won the Best Solution to a Work Health and Safety Risk category at the 2023 Work Health and Safety (WHS) Excellence Awards.

The WHS Excellence Awards recognise outstanding solutions and innovations to specific workplace health and safety problems in Western Australia.

The City’s submission was for the implementation of the LBin Tail Lift Platform at the Ranford Road Resource and Recovery Waste Transfer Station (RRWTS), which was one of the first sites in Perth to implement the system.

The LBin Tail Lift Platform significantly reduces fall from height risks, exposure to heavy machinery and excessive manual handling challenges for the users.

Contained Waste Solutions were engaged to install a modular solution for the public drop at RRWTS to reduce the potential risk of falling from one level to another.

As part of this project, employees at the RRWTS utilised the design and engineering capabilities of Contained Waste Solutions to develop the LBin Tail Lift Platform concept.

After extensive employee engagement including an operator assessment, employee review and the final design sign off, the new system was installed in October 2022.

City of Canning Mayor Patrick Hall said the LBin Tail Lift Platform is just one example of the City’s commitment to achieving a workplace that is free of hazards, and to achieving a standard of excellence in work health and safety management.

“The City recognises the value of its employees and is committed to preventing injury and illness by providing a safe and healthy work environment.

“We are investing in public health and safety and it’s fantastic to see the Work Health and Safety and Waste teams recognised for the work they are doing to ensure we have a safe and efficient manner for residents and businesses to dispose of their waste,” Mayor Hall said.

The City is now focussed on continuous improvement around this new solution and encourages feedback from both employees and users.

Recently, the City was also named as finalists in two categories at the National Innovation and Recycling Awards and celebrating outstanding achievements within the sector.

The City’s submission for the Community Engagement Success of the Year, Waste education transcends cultural boundaries, outlines the work the City has done to strengthen Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) communities’ knowledge of correct waste sorting behaviours.

The City was also named as a finalist in the Operational Excellence Award for the Ranford Road Waste Transfer Station.

Acknowledgement in these awards is a great example of the City’s commitment to providing residents with better waste services.

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