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Why teachers change at Canning Swim School – Embracing variety and growth

Why teachers change at Canning Swim School
10 July 2024

At Canning Swim School, where learning to swim is not just a skill but a journey of growth and development, it's not uncommon for students to encounter different teachers along the way.

This article details some of the reasons behind teacher rotation and how it contributes to the overall learning experience at our school.

1. Flexibility and schedule adjustments

One of the primary reasons for teacher changes is the nature of our staffing. Many of our instructors are casual staff members, which means their availability and schedules can vary. This flexibility allows us to adapt quickly to changes in demand, such as adding extra classes during peak times or accommodating varying student needs throughout the year. 

2. Training and development of new teachers

Continuous improvement is a cornerstone of our approach. We are constantly training new teachers to join our team. Introducing new instructors not only expands our capacity to offer more classes but also brings fresh perspectives and teaching methods into the pool. This diversity benefits students as they experience different teaching styles and approaches, which can be particularly helpful if they are struggling to grasp a specific skill.

3. Exposure to change and adaptability

Exposing students to different teachers prepares them for transitions they may encounter as they progress through different levels of swimming proficiency. This exposure fosters adaptability and resilience, skills that are valuable both in and out of the pool. It also ensures that students are not overly reliant on a single teaching style, encouraging them to be versatile in their learning.

4. Keeping teachers fresh and inspired

Just as students benefit from variety, our teachers also thrive when exposed to new challenges and opportunities. Rotating our teaching roster allows instructors to continually develop their skills by working with different classes and programs. This prevents burnout and stagnation, enabling our educators to stay motivated and innovative in their teaching methods.

5. Ensuring continuous professional development

At Canning Swim School, we prioritise the growth of our teachers. By rotating our staff, we provide them with opportunities to learn from new experiences and refine their teaching techniques. This ongoing development not only benefits individual instructors but also enriches the overall quality of education we provide to our students.


While changes in teachers may initially seem unsettling, they are a deliberate and beneficial aspect of our educational approach at Canning Swim School. From accommodating fluctuating schedules to fostering adaptability in students, each rotation of teachers contributes to a dynamic and enriching learning environment. By embracing variety and prioritising continuous development, we ensure that both our students and teachers thrive as they progress on their swimming journey.

A swim school teacher high-fiving her student in the pool

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