The City offers grants for activities in Canning which contribute to an inclusive, safe and vibrant community and create a welcoming and thriving City.


The City would like to acknowledge the efforts of the many volunteers and community associations for the contribution they make in supporting our Canning community and helping us achieve our vision of being a welcoming and thriving City.
The City has undertaken a process of reviewing its grant program in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic  and at this time, given the Government mandated restrictions on gatherings and social distancing requirements many  activities that would normally be supported through our grant program are no longer able to go ahead. Consequently the City has made the decision to defer assessment and approval of grants until we are in a position to be confident activities can take place. 
Grant applications that have been received but not yet been assessed will be considered as part of the first grant ground in 20/21.   Due to the current state of uncertainty dates are yet to be confirmed.

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