Community Grants Program

The City offers grants for activities in Canning which contribute to an inclusive, safe and vibrant community.

Please read the Community Grant Program Guidelines for full details of the grant opportunities. 

Application Forms 

Small Grants - up to $500
Open until 27 May 2022. The grant will close once the budget has been expended. 

Volunteer Grants - up to $500 
Open until 27 May 2022.. The grant will close once the budget has been expended. 

Equipment - up to $1,000  - Two Rounds
Round 1 Closed 14 September 2021
Round 2 Opening 17 January 2022. Closing 22 February 2022

Disability Access and Inclusion - up to $5,000  - Two Rounds
Round 1 Open.   Closing 15 October 2021
Round 2 Opening 11 January 2022. Closing 15 February 2022

Enriching Canning Grants - up to $5,000 - Three Rounds
Round 1 Closed: 12 August 2021
Round 2 Opening 8 October 2021.  Closing 9 November 2021 
Round 3 Opening 8 February 2022. Closing Date: 8 March 2022

50/50 Equipment Grant - up to $5,000 (50% cash contribution required) - One Round
Round 1 Opening 25 February 2022.  Closing Date: 29 March 2022

Sport and Recreation Facilities Grant 
EOI Closing 28 October 2021 for funding in 2022-2023

Young People Fly High - Open

Notification Periods

  • Small Grants, Volunteer Grants and Young People Fly High Grants - Applicants will be notified within four weeks of application submission
  • All other grant requests - Applications will be processed following the closing date. Applicants will be notified within eight weeks of the closing date.
Partners and grant recipients shall deliver the event/activities in an impartial and apolitical manner. Assets and resources of the City of Canning must not be used to undertake any party/political activities which compromise the City’s political impartiality.

Contact the Grants Officer if you'd like to talk through your ideas on 1300 422 664 or

Please complete the form below to receive updates on the Community Grants Program.

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