Working to achieve better environmental management outcomes in line with the City of Canning’s Strategic Community Plan’s goals, the Local Environment Management Strategy provides a framework to help inform and develop plans.

The goals of the Local Environment Management Strategy relate to:

  • Protecting, preserving and promoting our natural places, flora and fauna;
  • Sustainably managing resources; and
  • A sustainable and environmentally aware community.

The key land use planning considerations relating to environmental values within the City of Canning are:

Climate change

Understand and address potential outcomes of climate change and facilitate the development of a resilient City.

Natural areas

Maintain, enhance and restore natural areas and protect biodiversity values


Protect and enhance waterways, wetlands and the groundwater and ensure sustainable use and management of water resources


Protection of the significant environmental and cultural values of the Canning River together with the region’s traditional owners

Built environment

Deliver built form outcomes that optimise energy, water and waste resource use of places and spaces over their whole-of-life

For more information, download the Environment Management Strategy.

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