The City of Canning’s local Water Management Strategy provides a framework for the achievement of better water management outcomes.

In line with the City’s Strategic Community Plan’s goals, the Water Management Strategy will help inform the development of the Local Planning Strategy.

These goals include protecting, preserving and promoting the City’s natural places, flora and fauna. In providing a sustainable and environmentally-aware community, the goals also relate to the sustainable management of resources.

Click here to view the Water Management Strategy which identifies the following objectives for water management in the City:

  • Recognise the ecological, social and cultural importance of water;
  • Respond to the needs of the environment and community in a changing climate;
  • Educate and inform the community to build understanding and support for change;
  • Promote innovative and visionary approaches to water management;
  • Protect and restore the water quality, hydrological and ecological function of wetlands, waterways and groundwater systems;
  • Reduce water use overall and promote the fit-for purpose use of all available water resources; and
  • Deliver functional and sustainable public open spaces.

These objectives have been developed in response to key water-related issues which fall into five core themes for water management:

Planning for a future population

  • Planning and land use
  • Community facilities
  • Infrastructure

Catchment management

  • Topography and soil
  • Surface water
  • Water quality

Water availability and efficiency

  • Surface water
  • Ground water

Preparing for a future climate

  • Current climate
  • Future climate

Djarlgarra – the Canning River, a place of abundance

  • Biodiversity
  • Heritage
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