The City of Canning is trialling a Neighbour Day Community grant program ahead of Neighbour Day 2024, supporting local neighbourhood events which strengthen connections between neighbours.

By coming together, community members are able to forge strong, lasting friendships and new social networks that increase personal and community connection and cultivate a sense of wellbeing while improving community safety.

What is Neighbour Day?

Neighbour Day celebrates community by bringing together residents, fostering friendships, and encouraging collective involvement in shaping the neighbourhood.

It aims to reduce social isolation, enhance safety through neighbour connections, and empower individuals to take ownership of their community.

Host a local gathering of your choice

Love a good street BBQ? An intercultural pot luck? Or just an all-time favourite pizza party and quick chats with everyone?

Take your pick and let's get this social party moving.

A poster that says Neighbour Day 2024 and features a photo of 2 children enjoying food

Neighbourhoods across the city are encouraged to host a gathering or small activity on their street or local park. This grant is to support smaller street-based activities such as, but not limited to:

  • Street BBQ or picnic
  • Street book/toy exchange
  • Street bake-off
  • Driveway concerts
  • Street game of sports (cricket/footy/soccer etc.)

Please read carefully through the Grant Guidelines (PDF 200KB) and fill in the below form if you are interested in running a local street or park event.

How to Apply

Fill in the application form below and you will be contacted shortly by the Neighbourhood Development team. Applications will be continually assessed upon application.

Please note the funding pool available is limited and applicants are encouraged to submit as early as possible.

Neighbour Day Grant Application Form

Please provide a brief description of your proposed event, its purpose, and how it aligns with the aims of Neighbour Day.
Outline the key components of your event, including activities, resources needed, and how the grant will be utilised.
Describe how this event will benefit the community, promote connections among neighbours, and contribute to the neighbourhood’s well-being.
I/we hereby declare that the information provided in this application is true and accurate to the best of my/our knowledge. I/we understand that the grant received will be used solely for the purposes described in this application and will comply with any guidelines set forth by the Neighbour Day organisers.
Captcha *
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