The City of Canning holds a number of free, family-friendly events throughout the year, and we want to invite you to help shape Canning to be a vibrant and active place to live.


Complete An Expression of Interest for The 2023 Season's Major City Events

Throughout the year, the City of Canning engages artists, entertainers, performers, community organisations, food trucks, food vendors and stall holders etc with exciting opportunities to get involved in the City’s annual calendar of arts, cultural activities and events which can be found listed on our Major City Events page.

If you wish to participate then please fill in an online expression of interest form with your details, using the buttons below. This will form part of our database which we regularly review for our events.

Once an application is received, your information will be entered into our event season database. The City will get back to you and let you know what potential opportunities might be available and/or invite you to attend and event.



Food Trucks/Vendors

Once invited to attend one of the City of Canning's Major Events, there are several tasks specifically for Food Trucks/Vendors that need to be completed before fully securing their spot at the event:
  • Pay the relevant site fee for the event
  • Complete an STPP  (or Notification to Trade for food truck/vendors who already have a current financial STPP in place)
  • Confirm you will use compostable or biodegradable products. Please NO plastic straws, cutlery or packaging OR agree to use reusable serveware supplied by a replacement serveware provider (this is a free service, you will not be charged for this)


Event Site Fees - (Food Truck, Food Vendors & Stall Holders ONLY)

Commencing during the 2022/23 Event season, the City of Canning will be introducing a $50 +GST site fee to food truck/vendors and stall holders participating in our events. The only exception to this fee structure will be our Mid Week Eats Event Series and New Years Day Concert and Fireworks event which both operate a different site fee structure due to their size.

What is an STPP? 🍕🌮🥗🍜🍦☕ (Food Trucks & Food Vendors ONLY)

If you have been invited to attend ANY approved, organised, public event in the City of Canning, City of Gosnells or Town of Victoria Park to sample and/or sell food you will need to obtain a permit authorising you to do so. This is called an Simplified Trading Partnership Permit (STPP) and it lasts up until the end of the current financial year it is issued in.  An STPP is not the same as a Food Business Registration though. Read more here.

The Simplified Trading Partnership Permit (STPP) is for an already registered food businesses who want to trade at approved, organised, public events. What is really great about the STPP,  is that it actually represents a partnership between the City of Canning, City of Gosnells and Town of Victoria Park so can be used for events in all three areas.


How it works:

To apply for your STPP you can do so  online - all applications can be lodged through our portal called 'My Canning', see link below.

Once the STPP Permit application has been approved, Food Trucks/Vendors just then need to fill in the Permit Notification for any further events they have arranged to attend in the City of Canning, City of Gosnells and Town of Victoria Park. 

    1.✔️Temporary Food Stall/Mobile Food Vendor Simplified Trading Permit Application  (new permit required)
    2. ✔️Simplified Trading Partnership Permit Notification  (current permit holders who just need to notify the applicable Council they intend to operate at an event)

👉Before completing the online forms, you will be required to sign up for a My Canning account. Click here for instructions on how to do so.

👉You can track your permit online through your account


Important Timeframes

👉Both full STPP applications and Notifications (if you currently have a current STPP permit) require 14 days to process. So make sure you give yourself enough time to avoid any disappointment nearer the event date. If either are not approved in time, you won't be able to attend the event.

For further information, please contact the City Events Team on 1300 422 664 or send an email.

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