1. Qualifying Events

1.1. To qualify as an Eligible Event for the Community Run Events Calendar, the event must:

  • (a) be community based and open to the general public to attend;

  • (b) held within the City of Canning’s boundaries;

  • (c) have a community or educational purpose.

1.2. The following events or activities are Ineligible Events:

  • (a) Members only events;

  • (b) State or Nationwide fundraising initiatives; 

  • (c) Political party events;

  • (d) Mere business advertisements;

  • (e) Events promoting participation in illegal or offensive activities.

1.3. You can submit a request for listing the Eligible Event on the City’s event calendar when all statutory approvals, facility hire licenses and insurances have been obtained for the event.

2. Listing Eligible Events on City’s Event Calendar

2.1. Requests to list an Eligible Event on the City’s event calendar must be submitted via the website: www.canning.wa.gov.au/submityourcommunityevent.

  • (a) No earlier than 12 months before the Eligible Event is scheduled to be held; and
  • (b) No later than two weeks before the Eligible Event is scheduled to be held.

2.2. Submitters must ensure the information supplied in their listing submission is accurate, and must keep all relevant information up to date.
2.3. To delete or alter an event you will need to contact the City of Canning by sending an email communityevents@canning.wa.gov.au.
2.4. A nominated contact person and contact number must be supplied for all event listings.
2.5. Listing an event in the City’s Calendar does not constitute any form of approval to hold that event, or use any particular area for the event.

3. City’s Screening Process

3.1. The City will consider any Eligible Event submitted and will determine at its discretion whether or not it will be listed in its event calendar. The City will notify applicants if their event is not listed.
3.2. The City is not liable for any loss or damaged caused as a result of an event not listing, delaying the listing, or removing the listing of an event from the event calendar.
3.3. All listings are subject to editorial discretion. The City of Canning reserves the right to reject any listing request and to remove any listing.
3.4. The City of Canning events calendar is provided without any warranties or guarantees the service will be error free and without disruption.

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