Rossmoyne Hall is a community building with wooden floors and an upgraded kitchen. There is a small stage and an outdoor area.

Located on the corner of Central Road and Fourth Avenue, Rossmoyne. The hall features:

  • wooden floors
  • stage
  • air conditioning
  • upgraded kitchen facilities
  • a maximum capacity of 127.

Due to its location in a residential area, the hall is not suitable for social events and has a curfew of 10pm every day of the week.

For more information, please contact our bookings team.


Phone: 1300 422 664 (during business hours)

Booking application
Terms and conditions
Fees and Charges


The hall has parking bays, including accessible parking bays (parking cannot be guaranteed).


  • The hall is fully wheelchair accessible.
  • Accessible car-parking bays
  • Access from car parks to main entrance and accessible toilets.
Tables and chairs are included with the cost of the room. The pavilion has 85 chairs and 10 tables available.

Standard rate

The standard rate applies to most bookings of the venue hire.

Community rate

The community rate applies to not-for-profit organisations or those with a certificate of incorporation. This is required with your booking application.

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