The City of Canning Library Service is proud to be an accredited eSmart library in partnership with the Alannah and Madeline Foundation.


We recommend the following websites when immediate help is required.

If you wish to lodge a complaint with any authority or site, it’s important to do the following;

1. If you are a child, tell a trusted adult. If you’re an adult, seek support from trusted family and/or friends. You might also wish to seek out professional counselling (see recommended services below).

2. Report material to site it was posted on. Almost all social media has a complaints function, this website may help you find it.

3. You will need to provide evidence for your complaint (eg. screenshots, save emails and other documents)

4. Block the site or person who is targeting you.

5. You may wish to report your complaint to law enforcing authorities. ACORN is an online reporting tool.

Self Learning Portals

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Online Reporting Channels

office of the esafety crop 2222 acorn scamwatch moneysmart

Online Awareness

stay smart online crop black book cropacma crop copyright crop

Cyber Initiatives

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Age Appropriate Guidelines

common sense video games office of the esafety raising children

Young People

think you know its time we talked digizen lawstuff

Learning Tools

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State Police Online Information

wa police
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