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Hillview Community Languages Book Swap

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Hillview Community Languages Book Swap

Visit the Hillview Intercultural Community Centre to swap books in different languages.

The Community Languages Book Swap at the Hillview Intercultural Community Centre (Hillview Hub) exists due to the community's interest in donating and exchanging books in a large range of languages.

We are delighted to provide a space to support this community project.

The shelf is located upstairs at the Hillview Hub – you can donate and take books in languages other than English at any time, there is no need to check with staff.

We ask that donations be limited to a few books each time (maximum five) on this shared shelf.

This limit ensures there is room on the shelf for many different community members to donate.

If you have a larger donation, please ask Hillview Hub staff for assistance locating local community groups and charities who may be able to welcome larger donations.

Visit the Hillview Hub page to learn more about the exciting services and events they provide.

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