Suitable for children 6-15 years of age, Cockatoo KIDs is where children can have fun outdoors and discover why cockatoos and other native wildlife are so special.

What is Cockatoo KIDs?

Cockatoo KIDs is a great way for kids aged 6-15 years to:

  • have fun outdoors
  • explore the natural environment
  • discover why cockatoos and other native wildlife are so special
  • tell their friends and family about wildlife
  • care for the environment
  • make a difference!

If you like having lots of fun, making new friends and sharing ideas on how to care for the environment then Cockatoo KIDs is for you!

To learn more about Cockatoo KIDs, please contact CREEC at or 9461 7160.

Why Cockatoos?

Western Australia is home to three species of black cockatoos:

  • Carnaby's
  • Baudin's
  • Forest Redtailed Black Cockatoo.

Not long ago, these magnificent birds filled the skies. Sadly, mainly due to habitat loss, they are now under threat of extinction and desperately need our help.

You can learn more about black cockatoos by visiting the Birdlife Australia website.

CREEC-Boy planting closeup cockatoo kidsUpcoming Events in 2023

  • Friday 20 January – Wildlife Wonders
  • Friday 21 April – Mysterious Mistletoes
  • Friday 14 July – Planting in the Park
  • Friday 6 October
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