The Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC) provides hands-on programs for students from middle childhood to learn and ask questions about the local environment.

Doug the Darter

A local waterbird’s dice with death

Hear the ‘real life’ rescue story of Doug the Darter, a waterbird who became entangled in rubbish. This story highlights how waste enters our waterways and the impacts it can have on wildlife. Students participate in a rubbish survey and create their own waste net to display in their classroom. *Suitable for Year 1 - 3.

$8 per student | 1.5 hours | WA Curriculum – Science, HASS, Priorities - Sust.

Take a Dip

Exploring river ecosystems

This popular, interactive program provides students with the opportunity to sample and record the amazing and diverse macroinvertebrate communities that live in the Canning River. Students use field equipment to investigate the critical role of aquatic life in maintaining the health of wetland ecosystems. *Classification, adaptations or food webs can be a focus on request.
*Also suitable for Yr 7 – Biological Sciences

$8 per student | 1.5 hours | WA Curriculum – Science, HASS, Priorities - Sust.

From Range to River

The story of our catchment

Where does the Canning River come from and where does it flow to? A big picture view of our waterways is presented as students interact with a 3-D model to consider the human impacts on the Swan-Canning River catchment, the consequences for living things and action people can take for sustainable change.

$8 per student | 1.5 hours | WA Curriculum – Science, HASS, Priorities - Sust. 

Weir-D Science

How living things adapt to changes in the physical environment

The Kent Street Weir on the Canning River has been in place for nearly 100 years. Students investigate the role of the Weir, how it has altered the river system and how plants and animals have adapted to changes in the physical environment. Students compare fresh and salt water ecosystems by conducting salinity tests on either side of the Weir and map changes in vegetation along the River. * Suitable for Yr 5 onwards ONLY

$8 per student | 1.5 hours | WA Curriculum – Science, HASS, Priorities - Sust.

River Diaries

Revealing the river’s past

Students glimpse into the past lives of those who lived and settled around the Canning River by investigating historical records such as maps, photos and diaries. Students participate in team games that highlight different community perspectives and how they have shaped the river over time. 

$8 per student | 1.5 hours | WA Curriculum – HASS | Science | Lit | CCT | A&TSI year 3-6 | ER | Sust.

Djarlgarra Yarning - Years K-12

Canning River Stories

The Noongar people’s strong connection with the wetlands and rivers that flow across the Swan Coastal Plain forms the basis for much of their culture, spirituality, and identity. Hear from an experienced Noongar educator who demonstrates first-hand how the resources provided by the land and river were traditionally used and how the seasons dictated their availability and sustainable use. Students participate in a range of hands-on activities suited to age level. *This program is adapted to each year level based on WA Curriculum content.

The 2024 dates for the programs are:

  • Term 1, Week 9: 25, 26, and 27 March
  • Term 2, Week 6: 20, 21 and 23 May
  • Term 3, Week 7: 26, 27 and 28 August
  • Term 4, Week 4: 28, 29 and 30 October
  • Session times are 9.30am to 11.30am, or midday to 2pm

$11 per student | 2 hours | WA Curriculum – Science, HASS, Priorities - Sust, A and TSI

For further information or bookings visit the Nearer to Nature schools page, email or call 9295 2244.

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