CREEC provides a range of resources to help teachers prepare for exciting and intriguing lessons relating to local nature, flora and fauna.

Native animal specimens

Would your students know a chuditch from a quenda? Native animal specimens from CREEC’S taxidermy area are available for short term loan at no cost to schools for children in all year levels from Kindy to Year 12. Animal specimens are kindly donated by Alcoa. For more information, read the Media Release and View Fact Sheets.

Turtle Beware Loan Kit

This loan kit from CREEC contains a turtle mat and props. It provides young children with the opportunity to explore the features of the long-necked turtle and the dangers it faces in the urban environment through play. Suitable for children in Kindy to Year 2, the loan period is for three weeks and no cost is incurred. For more information, read the Turtle Beware Loan Kit Teacher Notes or the TurtleWatch Fact Sheet.

Turtle Watch School Accreditation

Schools are encouraged to become a Turtle Watch Accredited School. For more information, view the flyer.

Canning River Regional Park Trail

This self-guided trail traverses seven sites highlighting the natural, managed and constructed features of the Canning River Regional Park. Maps, a commentary and resource bag are provided by CREEC. For more information, view the Teacher Resource Notes Map.

Noongar Literacy Loan Kit

Suitable for Pre Primary to Year 6. The kit contains a Noongar dictionary, book sets written in English and Noongar with CD's, and posters for use in the classroom. Free of charge. The loan period is three weeks. For more information read the Noongar Literacy Loan Kit Teacher Resource.

Rivers of Emotion

Suitable for students in Kindy to Year 12, the Rivers of Emotion booklet tells a story about ourselves, our communities and our values. As you read, students will explore the deep emotional and historical significance of the Derbarl Yerrigan and Djarlgarro Beelier (Swan and Canning Rivers). This is a resource that is practical, providing a sense of spirituality and pleasure. Download your free Rivers of Emotion booklet here.

The Wood Railway by Rachel Dalais

Suitable for Years 3 to 6, The Wood Railway tells the story of the development and demise of a pioneering timber company based in Carmel and Cannington in the 1860s. Jarrah timber was transported to Fremantle for export by utilising a precarious wooden railway and the Canning River. Free of charge, a teacher pack is available for loan from CREEC and includes student text books and teacher’s notes.

Hotel Hollows

Suitable for Years 3 to 7, Hotel Hollows is a floor board game for students introducing them to the endangerment of the Black Cockatoo and reinforces the importance of tree hollows as vital breeding habitats for these WA birds. Free of charge, the board game and related notes are available for loan from CREEC or you may view them here.

Sustainable Schools WA

Developed by schools, for schools, Sustainable Schools WA is a whole-school planning framework to support the implementation of the Western Australian Curriculum. Click here to access Sustainable Schools WA toolkit and other primary and secondary school resources.

Australian Association for Environmental Education Western Australia

Resources for Turtle Watch and waste education are available here.

ClimateWatch in the Canning River Regional Park

ClimateWatch is a national citizen science program enabling every Australian to collect and record data to better understand how climate change is affecting our wildlife. To find out more about ClimateWatch in the Canning River Regional Park, click here or download the ClimateWatch App for iPhone/Android here.

Waterwise Schools

The Waterwise Schools Program is run by the Water Corporation and provides schools with support and resources to educate young people about water and water management. For further information contact the Water Corporation on 9420 3988 or send an email.

Waste Wise Schools

The Waste Wise Schools (WWS) Program is run by the Waste Authority and provides schools with support and resources to reduce waste to landfill. For further information contact the Waste Wise Schools Coordinator on 6364 6696 or send an email.

Switched on Schools

The Switched on Schools initiative is run by Switch Your Thinking and aims to celebrate sustainability actions undertaken in schools. As a Switch Your Thinking member, the City is able to recognise and promote the efforts of a Switched on School within the area. For further information contact Switch Your Thinking on 9397 3209 or send an email.

Young Re-inventor of the Year

The Young Re-Inventor of the Year initiative is run by Switch Your Thinking and funded by the Waste Authority through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account. As a Switch Your Thinking member, individuals, community groups, primary and secondary schools and early learning centres within the City can apply for the initiative. Young people solve problems and put their creativity to the test in this exciting initiative that encourages you to reuse, repurpose and upcycle before throwing away. This initiative opens in May and closes in October each year. For further information contact Switch Your Thinking on 9397 3209 or send an email.

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