The LED screens at the Leisureplexes and Whaleback Golf Course can promote your community messaging.

On the City of Canning's LED screens, your advertisements will have regular rotations alongside a small number of advertisements from local not-for-profit organisations, Leisure centres and Whaleback Golf Course. Package includes advertising on four screens with over 1,000 rotations in a week.

Cannington Leisureplex

  • Size – 4 metres wide x 6 metres high
  • Over 103,000 vehicles drive past each week
  • 7.7 million train passengers on the Armadale / Thornlie line travel past annually
  • Adjacent to Sevenoaks Senior College and Cannington Community College
  • In between Cannington and Queens Park railway stations
  • Near Westfield Carousel

Riverton Library

  • Size – two screens both 6 metres wide x 3 metres high
  • Over 184,000 vehicles drive past each week
  • Diagonally opposite Riverton Forum, a busy shopping precinct
  • Adjacent to the Riverton oval, Canning Arts Centre and Riverton Primary School

Whaleback Golf Course

  • 8 metres wide x 3 metres high
  • Over 204,000 vehicles drive past each week
  • Main thoroughfare from Cannington through to southern corridor
  • Close proximity to Roe Highway, Canning Vale industrial area

Advertise on screens

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