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Pre-school swimming lessons

Canning Swim School’s Taddies program offers lessons for pre-school children aged between three and six.

With four children per class, the lessons use exciting, colourful, and stimulating equipment to create an enjoyable learning experience. The lessons utilise play, creative expressions, and self-discovery.

The lessons use the leisure pools at both Cannington and Riverton Leisureplexes. These pools have warm water and varying depths, which becomes a water playground for children aged three to six.


Through Taddies, children develop water familiarisation and confidence. They will then progress to formal stroking. Taddies has five independent lessons:

  • Taddies 1: Initial water orientation
  • Taddies 2: Water familiarisation
  • Taddies 3: Water confidence
  • Taddies 4: Stroke development
  • Taddies 5: Stroke progression

The lessons are fun and playful, which is highlighted by the pre-school sticker chart. This enhances the program with an ongoing reward system to promote and encourage skill development.

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