The City has more than 450 hectares of public parks and reserves for you to enjoy.

The City is home to many popular parks, including Kent Street Weir, Shelley Foreshore, Mason’s Landing, and the Civic Gardens. These parks are perfect for exercise, relaxation, and special events.

Remnant bushland and wetlands are a major part of the City. These environments provide a natural habitat for native flora and fauna.

The beautiful Canning River hosts activities such as canoeing, swimming and fishing. Running along the river is the Canning River Regional Park, which is ideal for cycling, bird-watching, and walking.

The City is always looking at ways to improve the parks. Recently, thousands of trees have been planted along roadways and within parks. This is part of our goal to create a more attractive urban environment. Community-based environmental groups also have a role to play. The City works with these organisations to help conserve and enhance the environment.

Learn more about the City's parks and current projects:

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