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Personal Memorials

Commemorate a loved one with a memorial.

The City provides an opportunity to apply for a personal memorial to commemorate a deceased person who had a close connection with Canning. Generally, a personal memorial is a bench seat or a tree, with a commemorative plaque attached or nearby.

Before making an application for a personal memorial, please read the Policy (PDF 190KB) and Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 610KB).

Please download Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 610KB) to find out how much memorials cost. There is a non-refundable fee of $110.00 to submit a personal memorial application.

If you require any additional information, contact us on 1300 422 664 during business hours.

When you are ready to apply for memorial, please complete the online application form:

Personal Memorial Application Form

A Tree Memorial
Tree Memorial
A bench memorial
Bench Memorial

Frequently asked questions

  • A non-refundable application submission fee of $110.00.
  • Memorial types (the cost also covers the upkeep of the memorial):
    • Bench with plaque – $5,538.05
    • Small tree with plaque and plinth – $1,966.70
    • Large tree with plaque and plinth – $2,508.00

More significant items such as picnic settings can also be considered on a case by case basis.

  • A personal memorial is an asset such as a bench or a tree that is established in memory of a person.
  • Personal memorials must be items that provide a benefit to the community.
  • Personal memorials usually have a plaque attached or placed nearby.
  • The person being commemorated needs to have had a strong connection to the place where the memorial is placed. For example, they may have lived nearby for a long time or have visited the area frequently.
  • The person applying for the memorial should provide documents that support the application, such as photos, letters or articles.
  • The person being commemorated passed more than six months prior to the application.

Applicants usually request a particular place that they would like for the memorial.

Please note that certain locations within the City are not available for personal memorial appointments, including The Civic Gardens (1317 Albany Highway) and Memorial Park (intersection of Albany Hwy & Manning Roads).

Some areas may be classified as ‘fully allocated’. This means that no additional memorials of a particular type can be placed in the area. Shelley and Rossmoyne Foreshores and Fern Park have reached their capacity for memorial benches. While we understand the significance of these locations to many, we offer an alternative option of planting a memorial tree where possible.

If you're considering a nomination for a memorial, please explore other parks and areas within the city that are suitable for such commemorations.

The City will liaise with the applicant to determine the most appropriate place for the memorial.

  • People who would like to have a personal memorial installed need to complete an application form.
  • There is a non-refundable application fee which needs to be paid when the form is lodged. Email parks.admin@canning.wa.gov.au for an application fee invoice to be sent to you for payment.
  • Applications can be made online by using the Apply Now button above.

The City is responsible for the installation and upkeep of personal memorials.

  • Except for roadside memorials, personal memorials can remain as memorials for a maximum of 25 years.
  • It may be removed in less than 25 years if it has deteriorated and cannot be repaired.
  • Three months before a personal memorial expires, the City will try to contact the applicant to let them know, so that the plaque can be returned.
  • If the expired memorial is not in an area that is classified as ‘fully allocated’, the applicant may apply for an extension. Except for trees, this will usually require the replacement of the asset at the applicant’s cost.

Main Roads Western Australia can provide advice and assistance. Read the Main Roads Western Australia - Roadside Memorials Policy and Guidelines (2021) for more information.

The City does not offer memorials for pets.

For further information, please contact us by 1300 422 664 or email parks.admin@canning.wa.gov.au.

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