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The City of Canning conducts ongoing maintenance of its drainage systems to prevent flooding of roads and properties.

The presence of water on roads is a cause for concern. If not contained water can act as a traffic safety risk, cause damage to road infrastructure, and cause damage to adjacent properties. These issues are sometimes caused by a blockage or defect in the drainage systems.

To prevent damaging from uncontrolled water, the City maintain proper drainage systems and undertakes regular maintenance.

Maintenance is carried out by:

  • regular road sweeping
  • the cleaning of gullies
  • restoring damaged drainage infrastructure
  • piping and discharging to open drains.

The City also undertakes upgrades to drainage systems. This can be as a stand-alone project to address priority issues, or as part of larger road construction works.

The City’s drainage systems carry water to the river or to areas where water can soak into the ground.

Report an issue

If you are experiencing an issue due to poor drainage or stormwater, please report the issue online.

For issues causing an imminent threat please contact us on 1300 422 664.

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